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Hy guys, here you are another unlucky MSI....

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New Member
May 9, 2001
Hy, I'm an italian boy, I'm posting from Turin, and I've something to ask you (I think you are the most important and efficient forum of the net......).........the question is this:
What can I do to solve the problems of cold boot with the MSI k7t pro 2a, that doesn't allow to me to change the multiplier of the K7 750?It's impossible to boot (The screen doesnt' turn on)with the multiplier changed, it's only possible to overclock with the FSB...........HELP ME PLEASEEEEEEEE!!!!
Did you unlock the chip. You must bridge the L1. Set the mult back to 7.5 and try the FSB. Also look up on this site how to bridge your L1 to unlock you chip.....

Good luck
Yes, I've already tried to connect with pencil the l1 contacts, but nothing..............oh, dont' mind for the dual post......
This is a problem with all the MSI boards. Here is the solution;
Alter the multiplier and any other settings in the BIOS, press F10 to save, save and immediately cut the power supply on the case. Switch it back on after a few seconds and it should give the correct setting. If it doesn't then cut the power again.
A site that you will find useful is the news group at;
You will find a lot of info and tricks from others using the same boards
Ehi, I hope it will be the ultimate and more efficient solution.........I'll make you know the results.......bye & good overclock!