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hyper threading does stuff!!!!

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caddi daddi

Godzilla to ant hills
Jan 10, 2012
one of the guys at the shop bought all the stuff for a lower end game rig for his kid and we tested it on the slab last night to make sure he would not be disappointed Christmas.
just an I3 6300 and a used gtx970 kit.
we hooked it all up on the box to test it.
we installed the os and a game.
with HT on the game made around 30 fps at 1080x1920 and was well payable and looked pretty dang good to our old eyes.
with HT off it was more than HORRID, around 20 fps and ruddy as all get out.
so hyper threading can help!!!!!!
a lesson learned.............


Aug 14, 2014
HT always helped with minimum FPS on games as far as i know (i3 or i7), but i3 get more bang-for-buck on account of lower core count :clap:

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Benching Team Leader
Jan 2, 2005
there is big difference in almost everything between pentium and i3 ... but also between i3 and i5


Mar 7, 2008
There are multiple possible reasons, but HT gives you more total CPU power than with it off, and also with 4 threads available it can help smooth things out on the system. So, in a low CPU power situation, every little helps.


Jan 2, 2012
It definitely helps. You would see an improvement with four physical cores over the 2 + 2 as well.

That will be one happy kid I think.


Gulper Nozzle Co-Owner
Dec 15, 2008
Not exactly an epiphany. :)

The difference between a dual and and dual with HT can make a big difference in some games. Lately, over the past couple years, we have always suggested to go no less than a dual with HT. HT matters much less on fewer titles with a quad or greater. Sometimes it doesn't make a difference and can even hurt performance in some titles.

It's not cut and dry. But in general, particularly over a dual core, it's very helpful. Look at techspot reviews from earlier this year and before. ;)



Source: http://www.techspot.com/reviews/graphics-cards/gaming-benchmarks/
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Aug 5, 2002
Dual w/ HT is life saving in a lot of cases just because it can give you that extra bit of horse power. If you have it USE IT!
For Quads its not necessarily as visibly great, but it can still be very helpful.

Now back when it first started to come out it was a hit or miss if it could be helpful. On my old i7 920 actually it was more beneficial for games to have it off than on that I found out. These days the tide has turned and more and more processes use multi threads and better thread management spreads the load out.