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I am a newb and I need help overclocking

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May 28, 2003
I have a Xaser III with an Asus p4g8x-deluxe with a p4 3.06 on a 533 bus. I have tried changing the bios settings to get this box over clocked, but when I set it to even 166fbs instead of 133 the system hangs.

Any ideas Are wellcome
Please help!


Senior of BX
Dec 17, 2000
that is a big jump you are try to to.
take smaller baby steps... and this is expecally true if you are new to ther overclocking world.

here is a quick idea of what to do..... need more details ask away

And a great thing about new boards like yours is you can lock the PCI bus. So no need to worry about it running out of spec. That should be the 1st thing you do.

Next we dont want out memory to be a bottle neck so set your RAM to the slowest timings ( you will speed that up later ).

then up your FSB by 5. Does the system post? If yes great. up the FSB by 5 again untill again. Do this untill you no longer post and go back to the last FSB you posted at... see if you can load windows and such... hopefully you can, and now you have a general idea of what the CPU/RAM can do.

And with this general idea of what it can do you now have a starting point for your system.

Also what kinf of RAM do you have? as if you dont have fast enough RAM or RAM ratted for 166FSB that could very well be why you dont post at 166FSB


May 28, 2003

Well, I got 512 of PC3200 200/400 so the ram shouldn't hold me back, right now I am oc at save voltage, i just change the fbs to 150. I was wondering what als is there to do so i can raise it some more? I did not touch anyother settings because I have no idea what they mean.



Senior Moment
Jan 12, 2001
Kansas, USA
Are you saying you can run at 150 FSB, but not 166 FSB? If you are stable at 150 FSB (3.45 gig), then that's awesome for a 3.06 CPU. Not sure you'll get much more out of it.

You also need to start checking temps at that speed. Cooling starts getting very important when overclocking.

Jay mentioned locking or fixing the PCI bus to the default speed of 33 MHz. If you try to go higher than 150 FSB, you'll need to do that first. There should be a setting in the BIOS that allows this.

DocClock aka MadClocker

Senior Member
Dec 19, 2000
Stockton Cal, USA, Earth
If you haven't done so already, look into getting a really good heatsink/fan....Cooling is one of the most important considerations when attempting to overclock.

Look at overclockers main page, www.overclockers.com and check out all the heatsink reviews, and get what suits your needs.
Usualy the stock intel heatsink is fine for a couple extra mhz, but to get any more, you need better cooling.

Also in the general hardware section of the forum, there is a link to an overclocking guide, that is for beginers, (and people like me who just plain forgot stuff)..If you read it, you will have a good understanding what clocking is, and how to squeeze the last mhz out of your rig, and you will be the envy of all your freinds, 'cause your system will be faster than theirs:cool: Good luck with your overclock...looks like you have a good start, and you couldn't have found a better site to learn from.:burn: