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I am an idiot. FOP38

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Feb 3, 2001
I can't freekin believe it. Stupid me. I was installong my brand new FOP38 that I just got today. So I took my coolermaster HSF off and wanted to see how loud this baby really was. So I plugged it in without putting it on the 1.0ghz chip. (can we all say DumbAs*) It only took about maybe 5-10 seconds before i realized it. Not mention the smoke that poured out from the chip, and my speaker was beeping like crazy. What was I thinking. Well I think Fried my AMD 1.0 ghz chip today... This just goes to show that the AMD chip are very heat sensative. as compared to the Intel which you can run for a short amount time before burning to a crisp.
I only have the one KT7 and chip. So I can't really test it out. Sucks to be me ehh
Ouch! Bad luck, old chap. 'Twas posted that 14 seconds without an HSF will kill an Athlon. On the home page of this site, a few months ago. Since then, I've increased vigilance in the HSF zone.
{The sound of taps plays in the background}

Followed by "Another One Bites The Dust"

Sorry about your chip :(
that is why I used the MSI mobo it shut off automaticly if your cpu temp get too high
There must be a big difference between the T-bird and a Duron, cuz I once forgot to plug in the power to the hsf, and the only thing that happened was that windows wouldn't load! My chip is still live an kicking!
But hey, I'm really sorry to hear about your chip.....
Well I am going to the place i bought it. they there is a 30 day warrenty on the chips. I hoping that this covered.
Man, and I was worried when I unplugged the fan On my FOP 38. It took about a minute for the temp to start climbing, within two minutes it went from 45c to about 64c then I plugged it back in.
Definitly not a good Idea to run without the heatsink. At least with the heatsink still attached alot of the heat is still initially transferred to it from the cpu.
Before I tried unplugging the fan, also had a brief moment of insanity, I thought about taking the heat sink off and booting up, but I had a bad feeling ( common sence) about it and I could not afford to go out and replace it after doing a full upgrade.

Just runnig it without the heat grease kept it around 60c
800 t bird @1000
Yup it really sucks when you do something dumb like burn up your 1 month old 1.0ghz chip, just for a little extra cooling. Well I ran out and baught a new chip, and installed my fop38. My temps are at: Case temp = 20c Chip temp = 25c. Not bad I would say.

Well later all
walker (Feb 07, 2001 05:19 a.m.):
My temps are at: Case temp = 20c Chip temp = 25c. Not bad I would say.

Almost too good to be true. Is the machine switched on? :)