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I am getting slot 1 700e, Alpha p3125s and a peliter kit

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The 700e will be a cBo retail chip. The S-spec is SL454 (which looks to be pretty good). I orded this stuff from; http://www.kdcomputers.com/ (alpha) and http://www.peltec.f2s.com/slot.html (peltier). I am looking for someone who has an alpha, and/or a peltier also. I'll have to cut my case some more to add another power supply. This is gonna be a 86w Peltier, I am gonna use a new 300w atx psu. These are the readings from it: 14A@+3.3V, 25A@+5V, 10A@12V, 1A@+5VSB, 0.5A@-5V,0.5A@-12V. Is this gonna be enough to power the peltier? Another question is after I get everything set-up should i try to POST at like 933, or Start at 700, and go slow? Also, right now I am running 150mhz FSB, when I get this new chip does that mean that my stuff should do 150mhz (if the chip does) on a 700e? (That would ROCK). Thanks for any help. I am looking to work 1 on 1 via e-mails with someone or a few people that has done this before. I really don't wanna fry the mb/chip.
Any Help Would Be Sweet
Hi Mark From what you are telling there shoul be no problem with the power supply , i understand that you are using a seperate ps for the peltier?. The heatsink you are talking bout is perfect for the use with a peltier.
You have to make sure that the case airflow is very good because the alpha will dump a lot of heat inyour case and that has to be exhausted in a effective way!
Make sure that you use good thermal compound (Artic siver) and also the risk of condensation must be ruled out ! After installation go easy on the O/C make it in litlle steps and keep a close watch at all your system devices and the temps of the cpu and mobo.
If you have more questions post them. Good luck.
Yes It'll be a second power supply. You sure that the it'll have enough juice? I did get the arctic silver. And I'll be installing yet another fan. It'll be a 120mm high power sunon, (108CFM, oh yeah!!) on the side of the case where the CPU is. That'll be 2 120mm sunons (both high power) going in, and 2 80mm high power sunons (42.5CFM) + the two power supply fans blowing out. 216CFM going in, 135CFM (including 2 psu fans) going out. That's pretty crazy.
So how can I make sure no condensation will form? I mean the kit does include foam gasket/seal. Is there anything else that I need?
yea you will need "dielectric grease to fill the holes on your cpu socket to prevent condensation on the cpu pins. You should use grade 2 silicone and seal the outside around your socket and also apply some in the middle of the socket and fill the remaining space with closed cell foam . It is also recommended that you isolate the backside of the cpu in the middle where you can see some electric parts (transistors??)
After that apply silicone on the backside of your motherboard where the socket is located.The best is to fill all the gaps that you can see from the outside of the socket with silicone.Seems like overkill but it isn't
, Hope you can do something with this reply !!
Lost my links...

What are the websites that show how to add a second PSU?
Hardwareoc.com has a neat relay method
Or overclockers.co.uk simply connects everything needed together.
Or burning-issues.co.uk shows you how to make a complete adaptor

I did make sure that the wall plug supplies both psu's together so that they both power on together.

It is necessary to state that at www.Hardwareoc.com there are some forum posts against twin psu practice but, personally i have had no probs. I think that the only important thing is to run hdd, mbd,cd,cdrw of the same psu with the other driving fans and peltiers but, i did split things with no adverse effects
Thanks for all the help guys. Take a look at my beast with the second PSU added.... On it, I'm gonna run 2 120mm 106cfm sunons, those 2 80mm 42.5 sunons, and an 86W peltier. These are the readings from it: 14A@+3.3V, 25A@+5V, 10A@12V, 1A@+5VSB, 0.5A@-5V,0.5A@-12V. This should be enough Right??
Anyway, I love my dremel.