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I am looking for a very good CPU fan

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Jun 16, 2001
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Right now I am running a Volcano 2 maybe 3 I don't remeber which is for Intel.
The specs are 60x60x25 @ 36 cfm

I want a fan that can push almost double the cfms

Maybe something that can hold a Celeron 600 or I might just get a P 3 I haven't made my mind up yet I am still looking at the chips and trying to find a good one in my price range which is broke.

Thanks in advance
There are very few fans that can push out double the CFMS that will fit a normal heatsink.....One of the most pwerful fans out right now is the Delta Black Label, but its noisy as hell
The black label is 38 cfm, right? That's not much improvement over 36. If you make/buy an adapter to let you use an 80mm fan you should get some higher cfm along with lower noise. The fan you have right now should do just fine, though.