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I broke my Cak38 clip, any hope?

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Jun 16, 2001
I just got my brand new GlobalWin Cak38 and broke
the clip. Is there any place I can get another one or
do I have to send it back? This really sucks!!!
If you "broke" the buckle, you may be able to put it back to where it's supposed to go. This requires patience, and a pair of pliers. You probably won't be able to restore it to factory fresh condition, but you can get it pretty close.

If it's really a lost cause, http://www.1coolpc.com was selling replacement SK7 clips a few months ago. They may still be. However, the clip won't put as much pressure on the HS as the original.
yeah I think you could just replace it maybe call Globalwin and ask them to send it. you might get lucky or they will know where to get a replacement.
Hello...... My first time posting and its not a question!!
I had the same thing happen to me, I sent an e-mail to support at Global Win and told them how I broke the clip and that I couldn't find a replacement anywhere. With in 2 days I recieved an email asking for my address and I recieved the clip 4 days later.
I hope you have the same luck
Wow, I did the same thing, but global win never got back to me. I have a FOP32-1 here that is doing me no good because I have a broken clip. Maybe I will have to try again.

I'm beginning to wonder about the FOP32 now. I didn't like the way the end could "fall off" before it was mounted, and I too broke a clip. Just used an old HSF clip but didn't like the flimsy metal it was made of.