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I can't believe I bought this heatsink just for the fan...

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Jan 12, 2001
You guys should check out the fan on the new Thermaltake Volcano II HSF.

This is not an "orb", but more of a standard design, and is OK but not outstanding by some reviews I've read. Anyway, the fan on this thing is an Everflow (?), and rated at 36 CFM with only 31.5 dBa!

Well, my little brain couldn't let go of the idea of substituting this for the 27.2 CFM, 35 dBa YSTech that I got with my PEP66. Big league flow with no Delta whine! Anyway, I couldn't see how to get just the fan, so I foolishly, impulsively and with total disregard for cost effectiveness ordered the thing today (along with some rounded cables). I can always cut the HS up into RAM sinks later. Good front-page writeup on this thing at www.plycon.com where I got the thing.

Anyway, this fan may burn up after 100 hours, but if it doesn't, I'll let you know how it does. You might want to wait to find it sold separately, though.
Volcano II w/ 36cfm fan for $12.50 on Ebay how could you go wrong, might not be an alpha but it costs three times less.
So did you test the fan yet? I played with one at a computer show over the weekend. I wasn't that impressed, didn't really seem to pushing that much, but maybe the dude had his fans on display had his powersupply cut back.