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I can't get a stable system

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After months trying again everything, I got BSOD over and over again, and I don't know what the hell is causing the problem, 0 errors in memtest86 so I don't think is my RAMs, or maybe my CPU? Motherboard? GPU? I don't have enough $ to build another PC from 0.
You're going to have to start replacing components one at a time. I would start with the motherboard. There are probably some good buys on b450 motherboards at this time. Since you're not overclocking, most any board should work.
I think I already solved it. I bought a Ryzen 5 3600 and putting the values provided by DRAM Calculator for Ryzen at 3200 MHz I don’t get BSOD yet, the CPU isn’t overclocked, and I won’t overclock It, so what do I need to set up on bios to get a proper performance and low CPU temps? For example, CPU vcore offset.
Leave the CPU stuff on auto. It will configure itself appropriately to give best all around performance and temp/power regulation.
One last thing. I noticed random mouse freezing, It rarely happened with Ryzen 5 1600 @3.7 GHz, now with my Ryzen 5 3600 at stock settings, what should I do?
Edit: I just got recently a BSOD "kernel security check failure" while playing.
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You're not going to want to hear this but I'm betting that first generation motherboard isn't playing entirely well with the third gen Ryzen. In your original setup with the 3200 mhz Flare X G. Skill the problem was likely the first gen CPU memory controller not quite being up to snuff with 3200 mhz RAM frequency. Now you have a third gen CPU that will handle the memory just fine but the new CPU and old motherboard chipset combo may not be entirely happy. I think you need to purchase a 450 /470/550/570 motherboard to get everything working on the same generation platform.
Any recommendation? I'm not going to pick up an Asus Motherboard anymore, at least for now, It's only disappointments, a good and cheap motherboard is hard to find now because there's lack of existences and some others are very expensives, and B550/X570 even more, I need a Micro ATX with reliable BIOS and components.
Edit: I found an Asrock B450M Steel Legend a good price here in México, is it worth it?
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I'm from México and there's only few motherboards available, almost all are out of stock, but I found that asrock.
Edit: another BSOD

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Which ASRock do you speak of? Are you running an ASRock right now in your system? Your original posts speak of the Ausus TUF B350M Gaming.

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The ASRock b450 steel legend should do you just fine. But it doesn't have built-in WiFi. If you need to connect to the Internet with Wifi you would need to purchase an adapter, unless you already have one, that is.
I had random freezing while I was playing Gears 5, then the system restarted. No minidump files or BSOD messages, just Windows restarting. All BIOS on default settings, no overclock or anything. I'm hoping replacing my Asus TUF B350M-Plus gaming for an Asrock B450M Steel Legend solves this, if not, I'm gonna return the mobo and cpu and go with Intel.
Edit: more BSOD or random freezes ingame or in idle then the computer restarts itself.
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What are your CPU temps like while playing games? We have no idea what you are cooling with or how hot the room is where your computer is. Please create a Signature so we don't have to search the whole thread to find out what components are in your system.
CPU cooler arctic freezer xtreme 2, temps never reach 70° C at full stress, even in summer, with high temps temps aren't the problem. While gaming the average is 50° C. Thermal paste i'm using both CPU and GPU is arctic mx-4.
the system reboot also when I'm on uefi, is it really a mobo issue or my rams? those are relatively new.
I did again a memtest86 for 8 hours, 0 errors, furmark benchmark 1 hour: 0 errors.
The following are BSOD I got: system thread exception not handled, clock watchdog timeout
random freezes and restart.