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I can't get a stable system

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The problem with crash reports is they are seldom specific enough to pinpoint the problem. System processes are so interrelated that it can be difficult or impossible to trace the actual problem down from crash reports. At best, they seem to provide some general guidance. For instance, CPU issues are very difficult to separate from memory issues because those two components work together as practically a single unit. So, conceivably at least, your issue might be a PSU that is out of spec and not providing consistent voltage to the CPU but the crash report indicates the problem was the CPU.

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No. I'm not saying your PSU is damaged. It's a quality unit and I would not suspect it is the problem. I was only using that as an example of the interconnectedness of PC system components.
Ok, I downgraded my bios from the previous version and all stock settings I haven't had bsod or freezes till now, but anyway I'm waiting for the asrock b450m steel legend, if nothing works, I'll return all I've bought and go with Intel.
We have seen an occasional unstable Ryzen CPU on the forum, seemingly memory controller problems. After your new motherboard is in place, if it's still unstable, I would try a new CPU before chucking it all and moving back to Intel. But if the bios downgrade proves to be stable then you also have the option of returning the ASRock board I suppose.
I'll keep the Asrock B450 and apply the warranty for the asus tuf and after that build another PC with the Ryzen 5 1600
Edit: I got instantly BSOD after putting manually timings


This is an example of the error:

Error 1.jpg

Error 2.jpg

On stock settings specially RAM don't happen, should I lower ram frequencies?
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