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i cant play wc3 wit folding on..

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Lt. Max

Jan 28, 2002
Seattle, but im Estonian
it like every 5 secs pops me to windows. . . when i alt tab it shows theres the folding thingie.. and its not open its in taskbar

anyone kno of this prob?


I get too many frame errors if I leave F@H open when playing any newer games. But that's probably because I'm running GROMACS cores.

You might want to temporarily close F@H if you're doing anything really strenuous.
I have the same problem with Counter-Strike. When I click on the icon it runs but minimizes it as soon as it opens.
Yeah, wc3 is the only game I know of that has a problem with fah. Supposedly the console version doesn't have any problems, but I haven't bothered to switch.
Glad to see I'm not the only one.

WC3 does the same thing to me. I tried pausing it while I play but it still does it. I have to exit F@H completely to cure this.

Anyone have any thoughts on what the cause is?
I've heard that it is a graphics issue (like OpenGL conflict or something like that.) Makes sense given that the problem only exists with the graphical client.
Civic_Addict said:
Add Battlefield 1942 to my list.

Yes I'm using the graphical client.

Try the console, it very likely will not get in the way of your games. If you don't like the console sitting in your taskbar or you want to know more about what the client is doing download EMIII, its a graphical front end for the console, much better than stanfords GUI.

It's not that folding gets much done while your playing a 3d game, but it is annoying to have to start and stop it.
I have absolutely no problem running the console version with BF1942 - on 3 PCs (using EMIII to monitor). Must just be an issue with the graphical client.

It is in fact the GUI client. I have been running the console for the passed couple day with no issues.

I suggest you all look into the console version and use EMIII to monitor it.

Fold on.