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i can't take it any longer

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Jul 14, 2002
Royal oak, Mi
i'm about to throw a brick though my screen. ever since my radeon 9000 pro died i've been using a S3 virge video card. this card came with my fisrt PC a amd 166. this card can't do anything right. i can't watch videos with out it screwing something up. of course i've been without any games now for almost 2 weeks. it's a good thing Newegg said my replacement card is being shipped tomorrow. i have a athlon xp 2100 with ddr400 and a S3 virge video card. i can't take it. i have to go into powerstrip everytime i boot and change my gpu speed from 50 to 40 or else it has horrible artifacts. and if i let it boot up at 40 i have to change it to 30. and the colors are horrible. oh man what where people thinking back in the 166 days. my old tnt2 has never looked so good. at least i could play some games. i'm realy surprised the card even works on my MB and win xp. well just venting. if youy have ever gone through something like this lets us hear about it

Ryan D.
Has anyone heard of a graphics chip called a "Paradise"? It is literally 10x worse than any S3 product. I doubt WIN95 would even recognize it. I am sure it is only like 16 colors at the max. I have never had to use this one but I have had to use some 1mb card before. I forgot who made it but this was back in the day. I was on my old K62-400 which came with an integrated 8mb card. I used this 1 mb card for a limited time while i got some drivers for my 8mb. The good thing was that I could still play games like Half-Life and such at plenty good frame rates at 800x600 somehow!
Hey man watch it dissing the old school S3 cards!

The Stout! P90 cam with an S3 Virge 2 meg card... Lemmie tell ya... That thing was a hauss back in it's day along with the P90...

The simple fact that it can boot Windows XP on dad's comp without all f the 3D setting on is amazing enough. Not only that the 2D on it STILL looks better than the gf2 MX I had(well before it fried)

It is the #1 backup card at my house. It dosn't get hot, Driver were rock stable a DECADE ago. It's the perfect my-screen-is-black-did-i-fry-more-video-card-ram-lemmie-go-check card.

=) One thing to be said about old hardware. If the manufacturer was worth anything in their day. It'll be rock solid now.

Heh... the BIOS chip on the card is bigger than the one in my motherboard ;)
happy to hear it, i know it suxx going from power liket aht down to something like a trident 9750 like i did, it def suxx :-(
Wait - I am really confused now..... Recently, i learned that many Mobo's and Pcu's (i kno INtel for a fact) changed the volatge running thru the system.

I tried putting my old card in, *sob* when i couldn't get my new one to work ((((BOARD CRAKED IN SHIPPING)))) and was stuck PC-less because the voltage on my Old card was 3.5 and the new system is 5....

anyone know anything more about this?
Guess Im semi lucky if my 3d card ever dies. I got a Geforce 4 mx 420 and if that goes wrong a Radeon 32mb. So I should still be able to play games.
my good ol gf3 served me for a year until it shorted in my intel mobo, it was messed up along with the agp port, now i have 2 rigs, no problems after that

/me still grieves gf3 :(
if the ti4200p turbo i am getting ever dies, ill nab my g3force 2 mx from my sisters and let them use onboard video.