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I could use some help oc this F4-3200C14D-32GTZR (samsung b die) / 9700k @5.2ghz

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New Member
Jul 13, 2020
i have a F4-3200C14D-32GTZR tridenz z rgb 3200 cl 14 14 14 34 is the stock settings
i enabled xmp 1 and tried 2 also. i then went down and tried diff memory speeds and 3400 is where it runs the smoothest. over that and it randomly blue screens
strix z390-e board
intel 9700k @ 5.2ghz @ 1.35v using the auto oc featrure from the ai suite for strix. it runs 100% stable and cool. temps idle at 29c using a h115i water cooler also gaming its mid 40's, benchmark like cinebench max 70

what settings can i safely change in bios or somewhere else? is there a way to mess with memory timing and settings within windows or do i have to use bios only. there is also extra timings i see, do i change some or all? its real confusing knowing what to change and what to leave alone. i see alot of videos for other boards and other setups and im too afraid im going to mess something up when i dont see the same things they have. i am always trying to get better benchmark scores and also overclocking my 2070 super by strix also. cooling i have zero issues with

ive seen rumors that people were able to get 3600 and even 3800 on this ram. honestly i just would like to get 3600 at a really low timing or whatever is going to net the most fps on benchmarks and games, i have tried a few diff settings like base xmp 1 and 2 and then manually changing just the speed ontop xmp to 3400 and i can see a difference on all the diff ways in both cinebench and benchamark game testing or running furmark.
Memory isn't my thing... but I'd move on from any testing with Furmark. It lowers clocks and throttles in many cases.
I can get PC3600 15,15,15 out of my B-Die with 1.4v and my sticks are not the best. You might try bumping the memory voltage up to 1.4v and PC3600 with your current timings to see if it boots up. If not, then go for the 15,15,15. Wish I could be more help but I'm sure one of the memory masters will be along shortly to guide you better.
this is a 2x16GB kit so harder to OC but still shouldn't be far from 2x8GB at least up to 3600

here is one of my forum reviews with a memory kit which is on about the same memory chips and should OC about the same:

in short:
- 1st option: manual settings 3600 16-16-16 1.35-1.45V should work on this memory kit, command rate depends on the motherboard and some other factors 1 or 2, at 1 may not work
- 2nd option: set XMP #1 (probably 1 and 2 are almost the same with little differences to sub timings), then set 3600 16-16-16 and 1.35-1.45V
I said 1.35-1.45V as depends on the memory kit and used motherboard it may require a bit higher or lower voltage.
Everything else can be at auto as up to 4000 this memory should adjust everything else automatically. Once you stabilize that, then can play with sub-timings.