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I did a write up on the MSI-pro2a Voltage mod

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Great! The ten turn pot is slick and I still like the pvc reservoir idea.
NUTNDUN (Mar 12, 2001 08:28 p.m.):
Wow over 140 hits and only had three replies :(

Hey at least there were no complaints! I wonder how many of those hits will try the mod?

The pelt took a backseat to a Starband installation. I finally got Starband stable today. Now I am debating on whether to use my KT7-R for the pelt or pick up a new 133 mHz A series board at the computer show next weekend. A lot of the decision rests on how much FSB the LAN card I installed for Starband can take. If it can do 115 mHz FSB like the rest of my system, I’ll stick with my current board. The KT7A-R however, is winning in my mental masturbation contest right now. Other than that, the foam is cut, the cold plate is lapped and the pelt has been molexed. It’s all ready to go.
Hey Colin,
Just out of curiosity, the show you are talking about isn't the 24th and in PA is it? I hope everything goes well with the pelt. I was seriously contemplating going with a KT133A board also. I was going to check em out at the show the 24th here in PA. I wonder too how many other people will do the voltage mod. I know of one guy that had success so far, plus he e-mailed me privately and asked a few questions. What power supply are you going to use to run the pelt. I can't find one big enough to run a 175 watt pelt that isn't going to cost me a 2nd mortgage. Good Luck