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I don't think my BI Pro is doing a good job so...

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Apr 5, 2003
Bay Area, CA
Well i want or would like to change my Rad but since BIX is way overpriced i was thinking of the DTek Rad but i can't seem to find the rate or more like the cooling rate of the Rad like the one that DD shows on their site about the BI series.;)

Anyone like to shed me some light?


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Oct 8, 2001
Go to Autozone and if you're lucky they will let you look through thier selection of heatercores. You'll be looking for something 6"x6 1/8x2" Preferably with 5/8" tubes coming out. All you'd need to do then is hack off part of the tubes and just stick your tubing over. Premium tubing should stretch to fit. The big bonus to this is higher flow rate.


Dec 1, 2002
miwest, usa
If you are talking about the BI specs about the heatload they will handle, I can tell you the maximum heatload any rad can handle:

Any load that won't raise the temp of the rad above the melting point of the solder holding it together!

Before you blow off that statement, realize that it contains the same amount of useful info as the BI specs do, concerning water cooling a cpu.


For those that haven't seen the BI specs: "Rated for 378KCal per hour (1501 BTU per hour) or 440W*"

*100 CFM, .28inH2O fans, 6 l/min flow rate.


Nov 12, 2001

You are so correct! WTF differance dose it make? You can't overload them with our equipment in a reasonable setting anyways...

One of the advantages of them is that it takes little more than moving air to keep a heatercore type radiator setup cool.

You can always blow more air through one, or throw another one down too.