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I found a new heat conductor

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Not so new, but very interesting. I think the brand name is PocoFoam. The price is way up there, but when that comes down, I think some of the waterblock engineers here are waiting to get some for testing out.
The interface is a little difficult, cause it leaks like a seive, and can't be soldered to.
I'm sure someone will wedge it into a block that has a removable top to force water through it and keep good contact with the surfaces inside. It'd slow down the flow, but the huge surface area might make up for it.
They sent me the PDF to get a sample but the info they want is beyond me... Using it in a water block to increase surfae area would be the way to go...

Now ,would thermal epoxy work with the foam?!?
Probably would, but keep in mind it's one more thermal interface for the heat to travel through. I gather the stuff is fairly rigid like florist's foam or something, so a force fit would work pretty good as long as the cell structure wasn't crushed too much.

Of course, I'm running on second hand info, so I may just be full of it :eek: ...like that's never happened.
Here is what I don't understand. It's foam which means that there is air mixed in which is an insulator.Perhaps if it were designed into a waterblock with a silverbase molen into the bottom of a block and then sealed around it, but for a heatsink I just don't understand the practicality.
All credit

I love the idea of the poco foam and i feel that probably in aircooled riggs it will kick ***!. It looks a little hmmm dodgy in water cooled setups maybe not on the short term but definately as a permant block ?

Still I love spodes modding!!..