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I Fried My Hard Drive (minimum)

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Dec 2, 2001
Danville, VA
Ok...last night, I was hooking up some new lights to my computers baybus. I had the circuit panel resting on the edge of the hard drive cage...(yes..the power was off)...I continued to begin to put the computer back together, and my pinky hit the accidently hit the power button...I saw a small spark behind the circuit board, and the computer continued to boot...after doing the memory checks, and hard drive scans, the progress bar popped up as usual and looked as if it was starting windows (xp) normally. A few seconds later, I had the real blue screen of death...Telling me how my master boot sector was unable to start and to try shutting down and trying again...I have tried restarting many times, and still the same thing....I figure i just fried my HD. Considering that i tried starting the computer a few times, and still saw it booting up, I figured it hadnt screwed up my new Hercules 3D prophet Video card (gf3)...I then went into the bios, and tried resetting to the failsafe defaults...I restarted my computer, and when i did, my video card no longer worked...I tried plugging my monitor into my old vid card (also plugged in when i fried the hard drive) and it works....So...My few questions....

1.) Is my new video card anygood

2.) Did I most likely fry just about everything with metal in my computer?

3.) Did I really fry anything?, or did i temporarily screw some stuff up?

considering I just finished building my computer like a month ago.
try formating the hard drive (if u can w/out a vid card), i sounds like u may just need to reinstall windows. i dont know about the vid card, i dought its fried if it worked once...
Try resetting your CMOS.

If you can get it to boot, check to make sure all your fans on the vid card and mobo are working. Go into the BIOS and see what is recognized, and make sure everything is set to Auto for your drives. If you can access the floppy, pop in a boot disk or Win98 Startup disk, and see if you can access the hard drive.

If you have access to another box, try out the GF3 in that.
If it doesn't work, you may have damaged it with the shock, and the subsequent reboots added to the problem.
I don't have a clue which thread you want me to post in...but reset the CMOS, reconfigure your computer. Set the boot device to CDROM and then put the XP CD in. Format, reinstall and see if your problems persist. You probably didn't permenantly screw up the hard drive...IMO I think the worst you probably did was you could have screwed up the MBR on your HDD. Just try what I and others have suggested and see if you're alright.

Sorry though...I know how it feels...good luck

yeah..i accidently created a new thread when i tried to reply earlier...i was in a hurry, and wasn't paying attention (school). I wont be able to try your suggestions until i get home in about 2 hours. I'm mostly worried about my Vid. card, considering that someone gave me the hard drive, and the video card cost 350 dollars...lol...anyways...I'll post letting you know how it turns out...Thanks alot


Ok...I reset the CMOS and reformatted the hard drive...I reinstalled windows, and everything is running smooth. I didnt lose much info from my HD though, cuz I had most of it backed up on CD's...Thanks everybody

No problem. Glad to hear everything is ok. If you have any more problems don't hesitate to ask. :) But you knew that already.