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I give up

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Mar 8, 2002
I've thought too much trying to devlop a new cooling method. I'll just buy a good heat sink and fan. What HSF should I buy (or have my girlfriend buy me for my birthday?) Also, can someone tell me, or point me to a source, so i can learn about making proper ducts for my case. Also! should I cut up my old 486 heatsinks and put them on the ddr on my graphics card.

If you want, feel free to email me ([email protected]) I havnt decided yet if I'm going to change voltage and the such to overclock. (I tend to be conservative with me major investment) However, I want to increase preformance by cooling the case as much as possible. Also, my GeForce 2 has no fan on the gpu heatsink, should I take the one off my cpu heatsink and put it on the gpu, when I replace the cpu sink? Thanks

Joe, 17 (soon to be 18)
alpha, swiftech, thermal right, thermal take, these are all great names and put out some great heatsinks. I use the mcx462, no mirror finish, but it's incredibly smooth, no need for lapping. MCX462 is king ;D. And as for your voltage, it plays a big role in the overclocking game, because when you increase the speed, the processor doesn't actualy need more power, it needs more current, i've seen some great analogies on this, but i don't really have one of my own. To make it short, the faster the cpu goes, the more current it requires, so you'll be limited. i'd say atleast go 1.85 for decent overclocking, otherwise you risk the cpu mistaking a high for a low which results in errors no matter how minor or severe, which can vary from freezing to crashing an application, or just getting ignored.