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i got a question bout laptops

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Jul 30, 2002
i kno making ur pc customs if u use pricewatch work out way cheaper.so i was wondering can u make custom laptops?like where would i get caeses and stuff.
i really dont believe u can make a custom laptop, and if you can it will probably cost way more then just buying one.
You could make a custom laptop. But, you'd just have to know where to get the hardware, and then know how to hook it all up, and like someone already pointed out that will be too much time, enegy, and money to have it be worthwhile.
closes thing to custom laptops i can think of is DELL... they customize what u want to some degree ofcourse.


crap, i dont want to make custom laptops because i want specific parts in em. i want to because it will be cheaper. just like how u can make a alienware computer non aleinware for waaaaay less then there prices.
not to mention the fact that when u do custom pc's,u dont have to buy windows which shpuld knock off about 100 bux.