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I got my KT7A-RAID on the way!

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Jan 4, 2001
Will let you guys and gals know what it's like... currently on my KT7-RAID I can't get past 108fsb... Will see much I can get on the new board...

Must be getting a bone with anticipation to run at 133Mhz+ FSB.

If u have that Mushkin PC133 Rev 3 U can get it up to 150....maybe....
In a way I kinda wish I had fried my A7v with the volt mod... would've given me an excuse to go KT133a ;-) Let us know how it performs, I'm curious
Yes! I have Mushkin PC133 Rev3 ram.... I know people at Mushkin that have already taken the FSB to 166mhz with this very ram... we'll soon find out! Buahaha..

Hey why dont you prepare to write an article on your update. Get a lot of benchmarks and screenshots with your current Abit KT7-R before you pull it out.

I mean it would be interesting to see what you actually gain. Between a full oc'ed KT7 (with all tweaks) and the new KT7A.

Yeah dont mind excact same settings just compare the edge.

Keep us posted we are all INTERESTED :)
Ok, I will do that! Where can I post the review including screenshots and such?

Ummm.. I am not the person to answer that question, but good articles seems to be embraced here at www.overclockers.com

Ask Daniel, Ed or Joe. (Email on tha main page).


nope he cant hear me :D