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I got my super orb and

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Senior Member
Mar 7, 2001
I guess it just beat the crap out of that generic hs/fan that came with my processor,I know that everyone said that it wasnt that good but it cooled mine way down,I used a program to run my processor wide open and it never even touched 120F.My old hs/fan would get to 141.1F and stay there and right now my processor is running at 79 F but isnt overclocked,but while I had my pc open I unlocked the cpu using the pencil trick and got it up to 1050 with no problem and it idled about ninty degrees without load but I dont trust the pencil trick and dont like taking my pc apart anymore that I have to so I set it back to default.I just wandered if you all thought that this was a pretty good decrease in temp.Thanks once again,mike
Oh yeh it has two fans1 is around 5000rpms and the other is right at 7000rpm a little loud but if it keeps it cool I dont care.
I'm not exactly sure what is not to "trust" about the pencil trick. Hundreds of overclockers have used it without any problems. I have been running with my processor pencilled for months now with no problems...they say the pencil wears off, but I have yet to experience this (maybe some people just do shoddy pencil jobs to begin with that do not last).

Your idle temp is unbelievably low, and by that I mean I completely do not believe it is accurate. I'm not saying you fabricated it, because I am sure that your motherboard sensor reported that, but that is likely because of the way the SORB blows air down on to the motherboard cooling it. My computer idles around 100 F (heatsink not lapped as of yet), but even under full load it doesn't go over 110F, so going from 78F to 120F seems kind of extreme.

If you're not going to overclock, then that heatsink will do you fine. I still don't understand exactly why, but hey, it's your call. Keep in mind that from my experience the greatest danger to your CPU is when you attach the heatsink...I've yet to kill one by overclocking it too much.
Idling is only half the test. Run one of the various programs available that works your CPU hard and watch that temperature soar. For ease of implementation, a good program can be found right here at Overclockers.com. Download and extract this suite of programs. Within the suite is one called burnk6.exe. No parameters to set up. No global participation to set up. Just run it. It will drive your AMD CPU hotter than any other program available. That is not an opinion, that is a fact.