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I got the majority of my production back.

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Jul 17, 2003
I have an errant 3060 that kept shutting down which ever machine I put it in. I had it with 2 x 3080's and thought that the x16 ribbon cable was bad or something. I tried to put it into my main rig with my 3080Ti but had some minor issues. The USB3 header was in the way so I bought a 90degree connector. It was still too high so I bought a riser. Two orders meant that I had to wait for each one. Finally got the card to fit. After playing a game, I set back to folding and would leave the machine. Come back and the machine is off.

Finally decided to remove the 3060 and I'm producing again. Time to RMA.

Thankfully it's an EVGA. We'll tap into the RMA stock they set aside. With any luck, maybe my LHR card will be a regular replacement card.
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So, in seven days you hope to have a daily PPD average around 12,000,000?:clap:
Nope. Longer than that. They are making me go through the troubleshooting steps (as they should) but it seems to be one day for me to post, a day for them to get back, another day for me to post and another for them to reply. How many times we do that is unknown at this time. Then I will be leaving for a while so if we don't get it figured by tonight, I won't be able to ship to them until I get back.
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Glad to see that you are getting things going again don.

And just so you know, Im not giving you your number 10 spot back in the top producers. :D

At least not for now.
I would expect nothing less. ;)