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I had this thought the other day....

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Jul 1, 2001
I was unsure whether to post this in the case mods section or the cooling section, but since it's nothing I have done yet and it's all just theoretical, I decided to post here....

Black attracts heat, so I was thinking...if I were to paint the inside of my case black, would it absorb enough heat to cool the inside of the case a degree or two? Or would this hold the heat inside the case and make the temp inside hotter? In which case, white paint might work better than the regular grey metal...

Or am I a moron that needs to be condemned for thinking this might actually affect temps? ;D
ROFL.....I like your thinking. Actually I believe the colors only have to do with light.........not actually heat. Since there's no light in your case, it wouldn't matter what color it was. =)
PS: sorry if my ideas have degraded, but right now i'm sitting in a computer class....ya know...one of the ones I could teach myself but have to take it anyways...ZZZzzz......gotta occupy my mind with SOMETHING!

*splashes water in face to stay awake*
Heat is radiated from hot bodies primarily in the infra-red wavelength -invisible to the naked eye. Painting the inner surface of your case black causes it to absorb more heat but the heat is already being emitted from the CPU in the first place so there's little point in doing that other than to warm your case. Heat transfer by radiation is really insignificant for all of the components in your casing, even the CPU and HSF so that's why they don't anondize them black anymore.
You probably won't notice any lower cpu temps, but the inside of your case will look better. :)

Heck, go for it!
I agree! An all black paint-job for your computer should look WAY better than the grey of the metal...
will it absorb some heat, maybe. Will it look cooler, certainly. Would i take the time to do it, no. YOu are getting to the law of diminishing returns. Its like put a bigger fan on a heatsink, at some point you are going to get the same temps no matter how much air you pump through it.
Amedeo602 (Jul 26, 2001 09:43 a.m.):
it does attract light, but when you wear black you always get hotter... :)

That's because your black shirt or pants or whatever atract the sun light not just heat in general. Good thought though.