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SOLVED I hated the Delta, so....

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I had a Delta fan for my Alpha 6035 and I hated and then some because of the noise. I have tried the Sunon, Sanyo Denki and a generic 60x60x25 fan. The Sanyo Denki and the generic were rated quieter than the Sunon but the high pitch of the Sanyo and the vibration of the generic bothered me more than the Sunon.

So now I want to take the 28 CFM - 20 dBA Silencer and mount it on the Alpha. (The Alpha is rated at 23 CFM and 34 dBA.) I am thinking about cutting one of the generic fans to use it as the base on which to mount the Silencer. I could then make a shroud to connect the 60 mm generic base to the 80 x 80 Silencer. Would a plastic funnel from the hardware store be a quick and efficient way to go from 60 mm to 80 mm??

Also, has anyone ever seen a Panaflo that is 60x60x25??
Hmm what about using the Thermaltake volcano 2 fan? I think its rated for around 36 cfm at 29 dbs.
Just a thought.
I'm assuming you refer to the "loud" 38 cfm Delta fan.

If it is, and you don't plan on using it anymore, would you be interested in parting company w/ it?

I've been kinda looking for one of those "loud" ones....

Mr B
Hey Marty-

YS-tech makes a 47CFM 80mm fan that is quieter (think it's about 9dBA quieter) than a Delta 60mm 38CFM fan. Sounds like a great fan for the project.
Actually, Mr. B the company that sold me the Delta allowed me to switch to the Sunon! Nice folks. They actually credited me the price difference.
You can buy the fan separately. If you want I can look up who has it for you.
If you do;

1) Thanks.
2) I don't have a credit card, so I need to pay by money order.....kinda limits me, but then, keeps me from overspending and blowing the rent money, too. =)

Mr B