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i have 2 'vOOdOO 3 2000's..what beast can i make?

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May 23, 2001
i was wondering if theres a known way in which i can possibly use some parts of another voodoo 3 2000 and add them to another...maybe its possible, maybe im being stupid....theyre both AGP.....therefore i cant have them both in at the same time....it'd be cool if it was possible to take the memory off one and add it to another.....i.e a 32MB voodoo 3 2000....thats just crazy though.........any ideas?...twin 3dfx chips.....hehe........welcome to the unknown...........
i don't think the Voodoo3 handles beyond 16megs of VRAM. I would suggest selling one and putting some cash in the ole pocket.
Are you serious?! How do i do that then?!....where would the second agp card plug in?...theres only space for one agp card on my motherboard......id love to know if its possible........tell me more
No, only the Voodoo2 cards could be linked for SLI mode, not the Voodoo3s.

I don't see what you could do to have one help the other. Unless you want to run two moniters, just get rid of one of them or both and drive on! :)
Shadow ÒÓ (Jul 09, 2001 05:39 a.m.):
those 2 cards can be "linked" together for some pretty impressive graphics. Notice the IDE like connector on them? =)

I've heard they're floppy connectors, but I never tried....

And about the ram, you probably would have to write some new drivers yourself, due to the non existing of 3DFX. R.I.P.

but that would be nice.