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I have $300 to spend on a new MB and CPU. What should I get?

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Mar 1, 2002
Well my power supply blew the other day (fried actually) and it took my motherboard with it.

I bought a new power supply and I ordered in a new MB and hooked everything up but it did not work. I tested the components (CPU, etc.) on another box and all is well so I'm thinking that maybe a fresh start (new case, MB and CPU) are in order (can a case go bad? wiring get fried off that low of a voltage?).

Anyway, the boss (my loving wife) has set a $300 limit on what I can spend.

I have this:

OS = WinXP
HD = Maxtor IDE
FL = 3.5
CD = Teac
PS = 300 watt from Best Buy
Vid = PowerColor TNT2 AGP card
Snd = Ensoniq PCI (cheap but I like it)
Mdm = 3 Com 56K ISA (may be out of luck on this...PCI bound?)
CPU = Pentium 850E Slot 1 100 MHz FSB
Mem = 1 256 MB Corsair PC133, 2 64MB Siemens

I plan to sell the CPU and memory in order to get the new memory I need to mate with the new MB. I plan to scrap or sell real cheap the Enlight tower case as I think something may be wrong with it.

So, given all of this, what would you guys recomend I get for $300?


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I had that happen to me, and i basically had to buy a new computer the only thing i kept was the case floppy drive and cd-writer, even the graphics and sound cards fried up, this happens with cheap power supplies.
Keep em coming!

So far 1 for AMD and the new 333 chipset!


Hi Darrin,

I'd look into getting a good quality power supply. Maybe something like an antec 400 watt. It's worth the money in the long run. It will provide stability and safety for your new rig and most of them are p4 ready at the moment.

I'm running at 1 gig tbird at 1.4. The chip is cheap at the moment and over clocks nicely.

You might find the older tbirds nearly as fast as the xp and a fair bit cheaper.

Only problem with AMD rigs is the heat issue. Make sure you get a big azz cooler. Also, waiting a little while might be good, because some of the mobo guys are talking about Thoroughbred support. Maybe look for a mobo that will support the new amd core if you choose to go amd.

Certainly the new 333 chip set does look nice!
the new soltek kt333 is awesome

and an amd XP CPU, they are all good. 1600-1700 is the
best overclock to price ratio in IMO.
Not sure but, I would go for a Tualatin setup or something. You would have to get rid of your ram for DDR right now, and well thats REALLY EXPENSIVE now. The motherboard and chip will probably total out that 300 dollars.

Heres my suggestion:

Abit ST6
1.0a Tualatin - Celeron
Either a good air cooler (Millennium Glaciator), or Watercooling

The motherboard shouldn't even be above 100 dollars, and 1.0a are like 79.99.

Right now, I don't think switching ram is a good idea, unless its totally necessary.
Well just to let everyone know I took Starfox's advice.

Went with the new Soltek KT333 based board and an AMD 1600 Athlon XP retail chip (I like the warranty).

The total including shipping was $236 from newegg.

Now to sell my old Pentium III 850E slot 1 100Mhz FSB and buy some PC2100 (or 2700 if the price is right) memory.

Anyway, thanks to all for the information.