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I have a 14 year old case, it may be time to upgrade.. "well get a new case"

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Well its still a proven fact by reviews that the HAF X is still the best case for gpu cooling using that 200mm side fan. lol I keep my stuff clean usually.. my keyboard though.. I sometimes take apart and wipe the keys and everything down with lysol wipes and stuff the keyboard right now is nastyy... thats why i only took a pic of the name haha, and the case i usually dust and wipe down.. But tbh ive been lazy lol

And the stuff on the floor is my chair fake leather falling apart... I need a new desk and chair too, uhg. Ive spent too much money on my 1989 Jeep Grand Wagoneer and restoring it and my lava lamp collection to not get this stuff like a new desk and chair and stuff..
I dunno man, you wanna see my chair LOL.. It isnt ripped yet oddly but all the fake leather on it has flaked off, and well its got.. stains... from well watching porn.. haha, yea i need a new chair too.. what are you using thats so bad ?
HAHA wow... a step stool with a cushion... Yea i guess you have me beat... but mine is still pretty masty... so worn out i have to use a pillow for my back. At least your room is neat mine is a mess.. but then all these parts and screws and old pc case ect.. just gatta clean it up and vacuum lol


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I like your setup. Very hardcore! Some guys have everything neat and all that..well, forget that! We're overclockers! Bah!! Can't touch this!
All that glass makes me extremely nervous... I personally could never have a case like that with three kids running around the house hitting everything. I had to buy a tank of case just to ensure it didn’t end up in a million pieces or worse a kiddo with stitches. I like the look of the case and airflow seems reasonable for being mostly glass. It’s a nice upgrade and you should get years of service out of it.
That isnt alot of glass lol.. I have 6 antique lava lamps from the 70s next to my desk and 5 other Grabde lava lamps which are 27 inch tall nearly 2 gallon lava lamps. Then next to that along the wall a 6 foot long 2 foot tall 135 gallon fish tank
I currently own this case.


It was a great case back in 2004, and it has housed my Athlon 64, Athlon 64x2 and Opteron, as well as an E8400wolfdale and my current 4790k. I've also been watercooling with every cpu ive had since the Athlon XP days but this case i could never fit anything watercooling in it, its a Fulltower but it seems fulltower for today is like 26 inches tall and long and so forth which dwarfs what i have. So i always routed the tubing down out the pci slots and thats where my pump and radiator are.

I managed to go decently on hiding cables as i was able to shove 90% of them behind the case like you do current cases but with the CD bays and HDD bays facing towards the CPU i do need to have alot of wires still exposed but it isnt too bad. All the HDD bays are removable so for long video cards i never had an issue it even fits my 1080TI Strix. Cooling on it works good still, 2 80mm fans in front, 2 in rear, 1 on top and a 120mm fan on the window. I have since upgraded the window to 2 more 120mm fans, so duel fans side by side and 1 on top. The window you cant really see in the case anymore but then my PC is on the floor to the left of me sideways so i can look down and see inside. Ive never been one to put a case on my desk. Those LEDS and stuff would bug me when gaming and it seems retarded to take up so much room on a desk top for that.

Anyway, with the side door fans my 1080TI gets to maybe 70c max when on full load. I turned the fans off to see and sure enough temps rose 10c. Its a proven fact not just from this but from real world tests that side door fans provide the best cooling for a GPU/memory chipset and so forth. I am unsure why so many cases today though are glass and so large with glass being the entire door and the top of the case, which eliminate top fans and side door fans.. Seems current cases all have large fans in the front and 1 large fan in the back and the front fans are blocked with tiny vents and thats it.

I've looked at cooling comparisons between these cases and a $40 case with a side fan cools better then a $200 fancy RGB styled case. So for cooling my current case is probably better then most of the junk out today and yes id challenge any RGB'd case with my ancient pile. specially with 3 120mm side fans. I looked on newegg for cases and honestly i flipped through 27 pages of cases leaving all options unchecked and NONE of them look any good function wise...

The only ones i thought looked decent with actual function were the Apevia cases like this one. However it looks too small to house my water cooling system but fan functionality wise with a 120mm front rear and 2 120mm on top, with the 200mm on the side it looks like one of the best cases for air flow.


I also came accross this case the coolermaster HAF X which came out like 10 years ago. But damn its so expensive (althought i did pay 177$ for mine in 2004) and it also seems TOO large at 26 inchs tall long and 11 wide its 3 inches wider 10 inches longer and 5 inches taller then my case.. Thats massive.. but it does have the massive fans in the right spots, dust filtration, and room on top for what looks like a very long tripple fan radiator or maybe double ? The only thing i dont like about the case is the window is small and you cant really see inside except look at hard drive trays.


Another thing i liked about my current case is it has a door handle to open and close the door, no having to reach back for thumb screws to open a door you just grab the handle pull and it opens.. seems there are 0 cases with handles that have any good cooling.. Why are cases today so crappy ?? I mean this RGB thing isnt new, im 32 years old and i remember using cold cathods and leds on fans 20 years ago.. And door side panels were still plenty big even with a side door fan so why have cases gone backwords.. im confused.

Could anyone help me in a case ? Never thought itd be so complicated, its turning me off and im almost thinking of keeping what i have for another 14 years because it works
Your very bright and a good kid man. What's neat is the new cases or the one you get the PSU sits at the bottom and youll get good cable management it will be nice. What kind of case do you want. A see through glass windows or LED lighting. Or your a profesional and do 3D and PS and Premiere, Vegas ,, CAD DAW, then I recommend a case with no light and no light fans closed case you cant see nothing. If you want a gamers case with LEDs everywhere and bunch of corlorful fans and what not ? Anyhow let us know what you want now that I described it to you. Thanks

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That chair has been through the vietnam war and the Afgan war as well. talking time to get a new nice leather 200 dollar seat and quit upgrading. lol