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I have a few questions about ASUS AMD Motherboards.

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Feb 9, 2016
I'm going to most likely get an ASUS AMD motherboard and CPU when the next gen stuff release's,my main reason's are my i9 9900K doesn't support Hyper Encode for the Intel Arc cards and I do a lot of video encoding and other stuff that makes life really hard just running a GTX 960 so I want to start fresh.

I have built only Intel systems except for one and I plan on air cooling it and getting the Ryzen 9 9900X seeing it's only 120 Watt's with a Peerless Assassin,the one thing I have always like about ASUS motherboards is I can use their Fan Expert found in AI Suite and with it they have a fan controlling software,once it's installed they have a Widget that appears in the right hand lower corner of the screen where you can choose from 4 different fan speeds.

I like that feature because I hate listening to the fans speed up and down and reacting to the temp of the CPU which drives me insane because it's louder listening to the fans rev up then it is to just turn the fans to full speed and listen to them.

What I was wondering is that a feature only found on ASUS mobo's for Intel or is it found on mobo's for AMD as well,I'd like to get an AMD mobo with the fan widget feature if can,I know it will be a wait and see thing what the next gen mobo's bring but I just have a clue if even the current gen ASUS AMD stuff has it.

That's the widget in question I'm asking about.

Right now, every higher series uses Armoury Crate. The same goes for AMD and Intel. In both cases, there should be similar options. However, Armoury Crate requires frequent updates, and it can be really annoying. Without updates, sometimes fan options don't work. You always have to calibrate fans with the software, and I highly recommend setting a manual fan profile/curve and not using presets from ASUS. It's because even the silent one is noisy at some point (or at least this is my experience with multiple motherboards and various coolers).
The best way would be to skip Armoury Crate and set fans in the BIOS. You won't be able to change profiles in Windows, but you won't have to deal with this software and multiple services running in the background. On the other hand, for new CPUs at ~150-200W, you can manually set one quiet profile, and it will work in every workload without performance drops.