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I have a friend with a PIII 866 and How HOT is too hot???

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Jul 23, 2001
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
its 6.5 x133.33 we are seeing how much more speed he can get out of it... his board is maxed out at 149.45 FSB and i was wonding what the normal temp should be around becuase its probly differnt then amd cpus were u have 90c and 95c for over 1ghz cpus can sombody plz help me out?
30-39C is good for idle
40-50C is good for working
anything else i would be really scared
Remember all CPU's will be affected by heat differently from one another even the same make and size also overclocked CPU's can be a little tempermental when it comes to heat so what may be normal for a unclocked system would surely lock up a overclocked one, there is no real answer for your question but a CPU that is overclocked and under full load would be best run below 40C but if mine even got to 35C it would lock up. if you push your overclock then to keep it stable you will need to keep it cooler i think thats about the best guide lines i can give.