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I have been conviced!

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Senior Member
Mar 13, 2001
After try to get a slot P3 800 to run at 133fsb or 1066mhz and being stuck at 126 or 1008 for a month I finally bought a Alpha 3125s and 1st attempt at 133fsb its rock solid.
My old golden orb with artic silver just couldnt take it I guess even thou my temp's seemed ok.
Im happy now:)
well i could have told you what the problem was. Gorbs simply don't cool very well. Why don't people learn this? Glad you finally got convinced, you are reaping the rewards of higher cpu power and lower temps.
Odd thing is with the g-orb motherboard monitor showed a cpu temp of 96f and with the alpha 6035 it shows 113f at the lower fsb.
Guess my motherboards temp probe isnt very good.