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I have had this 226 watt pelt for months need adviceo n psu

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Aug 22, 2002
Ok i got this 226 watt pelt like 5 months ago and i still havent got a psu (to lazy lol) now im thinking about getting the psu for it but i cant spend something like $160.

I need 24 amps on the +12v line thats what this thing requires and al 24amp psu i found are like $160 and up


Jul 6, 2002
Good old UK
Power supplies for that much current @ 12v are hard to come by aren't they? I've got a couple of 220W pelts I want to cool my dual athlon with. I've ended up with a 100,000uF cap on the end of the best part of a kilowatt of transformer and a 35amp bridge rectifier mounted on a 4 by 6 inch heatsink. I was lucky enough to have this lying around though. If I had to choose, I'd go with a switch mode PSU, but where you're going to get one in america for that price for what you want, I don't know - I'm english. I could design one though... :D