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I have LPX's

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Jul 15, 2022
Zen best.png Thaphoon timings.png
What else can be done to improve these? Bearing in mind I'm a noob who doesn't like climbing in my case with a screwdriver, lol. I've been helped by some very nice people from TechPowerUp to get this far. I'm just wondering if there is any more to be gained from my £110 "bargains"? If so don't be afraid to tell me what's what, cause I really do not know what to do apart from raise the voltage a bit and... This is where I'm lost!
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SuperZen.png So this is where I'm at now after some help on TPU. Can anyone spot anything to change for the better?
I'm intending to keep the "old" platform for about 3 years and then upgrade to some bargains where I get huge performance gains for cheap. Or that's the plan at least.

So I should get the subtimings down as low as possible and forget the other ones? My timings are this after many people have helped me. Could you see if there's any room for adjustments and then I shall leave you with your new fangled DDR5, lol.

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Thank you for your time Mr Woomack, I appreciate it.
So now you're waiting three years to upgrade, lol. My man, just take it as needed. Don't put timestamps on things. When you're ready, you're ready!

I'd stick with the primary timings, personally. You've overclocked 3200 sticks to 3800. At this point, all you can do is tighten timings down... and again, stick with the four primary (those found in CPUz - CL/TRCD/TRP/TRAS/TRC). It really is about playing and testing things out at this point. I wouldn't add more than 0.2V to the SOC or DRAM above 1.4V for a daily driver (you could go a bit higher - that's being conservative), but work within those parameters and see what you can do if you're still feeling the urge to tweak. Try things out and report back. You're really past cookie cutter settings (though I'm sure Woo will have something for ya to chew on). ;)

EDIT: Im not trying to discourage you! But really, this is where you are at. You've raised the speed, now it's time to tighten down the primary timings if you can. Every system is different...even users with the same sticks/processor/board can yield different results. You're in the ballpark, it's just time to lower timings if you want to continue tweaking. :)
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Try CL=wCL manually. You can start by leaving all timings at auto and set only CL and wCL manually (twCL or something similar, on the screenshot is tCWL, it's just write). Then you will know if it works and later can adjust other timings.
Some Microns don't work at CL16 DDR4-3600/3800 but should work at DDR4-3200.
I'm stuck where I am then. XMP is only 16 19 19 36 55. I'm happy with the way my system performs, it's just that "What if..." factor that keeps making me want to carry on.
"What if" what, though? What are you missing out on/expecting to happen that it's haunting you? Is it a mis-managed expectation? We'll still help, lol!
Right I'm half pissed now. Instruct me how to get 1.21 gigawatts from my ram?
Half-pissed at what? I've said it earlier that at this point it's trial and error. Try lowering the other primary timings and see if that works/stable/gets better results. :)
Half-pissed at what? I've said it earlier that at this point it's trial and error. Try lowering the other primary timings and see if that works/stable/gets better results. :)
Drinking yout-dem! If compy explodes on my leg, I sue you for damages cool?
Been on the sauce tonight and TPU are now "Monitoring my progress" So I came here mangled instead!

Sorry, hope I never pissed anyone else off. Drinking leads to mood swings.
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