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I have no idea what im talking about...

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Apr 8, 2001
will this work?

-Abit Kt7A-raid w/1.33 ghz amd (266 FSB)
-Maxtor 40gb ata100 IDE
-Maxtor 13gb ata66 IDE
-256mb pc133 SDRAM
-sound blaster live
-Creative cd-rw 8x4x32 IDE
-toshiba dvd sd-m1202 IDE
-zip 100mb IDE
-linksys lne100tx ethernet
-hauppauge win/tv PCI
-a 200w and a 300w power supply
all of this with win ME

I am basically building this from scratch so reinstalling windows or whatever is not a concern. Although the 40gb is gonna be new and the 13gb is gonna have lots of good stuff on it that i dont want to get rid of, but I want to make the 40gb primary anyways, so I can format it or whatever is required (I can also backup the entire 13gb on cdrs so I could format that anyways).

now for overclocking. I really dont care about ocing this processor as much as humanly possible, but I want to get the most bang for my buck. So im thinking of cooling it with a Globalwin WBK38 (delta 38CFM fan), is this gonna be enough (1400s)? if not are there any other hsf combos that would work a little better because I really cant afford an elaborate cooling system with water or peltiers. Stability is my first goal because 1.33ghz is a HUGE improvement over the crap im running right now, so if I am gonna need anything fancier than a hsf combo than I dont *have* to oc it, but I would like to.

That would make a great setup, but i am not sure about the Radeon 64mb DDR.....I have heard of people complaining of incompatabilities with amd and radeon. Why have the biggest Yacht in the world and put in the cheapest gas? Slap a Geforce II Ultra in there and watch it fly.

The 1.33ghz chip is gonna put out some massive heat, so you better have a good heatsink. For o/cing, it should hitt the 1550+ area air-cooled. If you are going to go conservative, unlock the chip, up the fsb all the way up to 150 CAS 2-2-2, and set the multiplier to 10, and she will fly. Of course you will have to burn it in quite a bit before reaching this speed. Not to mention upping the voltage. Upping the fsb will give you a much greater performance.

Good Luck, I am either going to get a 1 ghz AXIA (going for 1.4ghz+) or a 1.33ghz AXIA (going for 1.55ghz+)
you might run into problems trying to setup a raid being as one of the drives is ata66 and the other ata100. I have had good results from the radeon, it is not as fast as the ultra, but It is in mho better as far as sharper images go
i would not run a raid on those 100/66 HD's cause they might be incompatible. Dont go radeon-go nvidia-just because a 32meg Geforce2 Ultra will be as good or better than a 64meg radeon(with the right setup)-also it will ne stable at a higher core/memory settings! GREAT SETUP
I definitely would not attempt to raid 2 drives of different sizes and protocols..... and I, personally, would go GeForce 2 Pro or better rather than a 64 MB Radeon. But this has all been said.

1. Maxtor.... EWW!!!!!!!!! Slow, and many bad get sectors, but are quiet.
2. Radeon.... EWW!!!!!!!!! ATI can't get their drivers straight. Go Geforce2.
3. Windows ME.... HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!! I have seen people get in infinite loops of System Restore, hardware incompatibilities, programs wont run, video encoding is slower, etc. etc. etc. Go with Windows 98SE or Windows 2000 Professional... YOU WONT REGRET IT.
4. Don't know if you noticed, but you have 5 IDE devices. This could pose a problem, but if you are smart about it, you can probably get it by using your Raid controller as a regular IDE controller... if you can!???
5. 2 PSU? Hmm, either you have to run those wires together, or do what I do, and open both and wire them for added wattage.