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i have resurrected boys and gals

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Jul 26, 2005
Vancouver, Canada
as you can see from my sig, it is high time i got a new pc. sure took longer than i wanted with student loans and a few years before i got a half-decent paying job. Pretty happy after splurging pretty hard on this build.

Antec One case
gigabyte z170x gaming 6
4x8gb g.skill ripjaws 2400 cl14
patriot ssd 240gb
old 7200rpm 2tb seagate hdd
old 2x 4890 cf (waiting for gtx1070 or polaris, haven't decided)
EVGA 750watt B2 modular psu
antec kuhler 650

was going to post with benchmarks but i forgot to buy a sata DVD reader... can't install windows... lol

feels good to be back.

1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg
I really like that case and cooler! Congrats on the new purchases. :D What'd all this run you, ~$1,000?
Phew, you know youre dated when you have a crossfire bridge xD haha. Nice upgrade, the 1070 should fit nicely with that.
3dmark06 score.png

I didn't even realize that windows 10 doesn't support legacy drivers and catalyst 13.1. Had to dig around to get it to work, but luckily i got crossfire and catalyst suite to work. Temps seem okay 33 C idle and 55 C load.
Remember the good old days when I post like this would get like 50 replies? Yeah.... :)
yeah i feel like the forum is a bit slower than i remember...

iirc 4890 only supports up to DX10.1. It won't run 3dmark11 or newer lol