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I have the biggest junk pile of anyone here.

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Red Raccoon Dojo
Mar 1, 2002
The only difference being, you guys probably have useful stuff laying around.

I did these pics from a few different angles since my Sony Mavica spit them out all shoddy.


Don't worry, kids. The whole lot weighs in at about 570kb. 56k friendly.

Boards on the wall, from left to right:

-ECS Elitegroup K7S5A, non-Pro, rev 1.0. Flaky and unstable.
-AT 486 board by Compaq. Runs good.
-AT 486 board by Tandy. Runs great.

Left to Right:

-A box of 120 or so dead floppies.
-A box of 6 or so "new" floppies that don't work.
-One QIC multimedia speaker.
-An MSS 1000 speaker set, can be powered by 6 C cells.
-A Juster speaker set, works fine.
-A Creative CS100 speaker set. Cords ripped out.
-Compaq Armada 4131t laptop. 133mhz Pentium, 2 hour battery, 800x600, 1.33GB, 48MB RAM. Dead keyboard.

Cases, from bottom to top:

-Compaq ProLinea 466. 486 motherboard still remains.
-Compaq ProLinea 4/33. Completely gutted.
-Tandy 3100 Model 10. Completely gutted. 5.25" stuck there for show.
-Shop-built Penitum 166. Motherboard and chip remain. 5.25" stuck there for show.
There's also a floppy drive for a 386 laptop, and one for the Armada 4131t, in the pic.

-Epson FX86e dot matrix B&W printer.
-An NEC Ultralite 286F @ 12 mhz. Mostly dead.

Moving to the right, from the stacked cases:

-Shop-built Pentium 200. Chip, board, and some RAM remain.
-Shop-built 386 DX. Chip, board, 4MB of RAM, I/O card, and a VGA card remain.

On top of those two cases:

-About 30 5.25" disks.
-A Tandy DMP207 color dot matrix printer.
-A clear plastic bag of about a billion ATA33/66/100 cables, floppy cables, and one SCSI cable.
-White plastic bag holds RCA, power, phone, and AC wire.

In front of those two cases:

-Working ISA 56k modem from no-name company.
-Card with the copper heatsink is a GeForce2 Mx 420 @ 32MB, AGP.
-ISA Yamaha OPL-SX. Came with the Pentium 166.
-Dead PCI 56k modem from no-name company.
-SB Live! Value.

HDDs, in clockwise order from top left:

-Compaq "thing", 480MB.
-Compaq "thing", 640MB.
-Western Digital Cavier, ATA33, 12GB.
-Seagate "thing", 120MB.
-Seagate "thing", 320 MB.
-Seagate "thing", 40MB. Came with the 386 DX.

-PC100 RAM from 16 to 32MB.

-Old Thunderbird heatsink, and a bracket that holds up a case.

Moving on, from the two cases:

-Serial keyboard on top of monitor, came with P166.
-High-speed data transfer cable, parrallel, on top of that.
-Under the keyboard is a 14" IBM Eduquest 9652. SVGA. 640x480 max.
-Mouseware manual that is thicker than some books I read and loved as a kid. For the 3 button serial mouse directly in front of it.
-A Samtron SVGA "thing", 14", 640x480 max.
-On top of that: Drive Image for FAT16 disks, Redhat 5.1, Norton Internet Security '02, and "Adi's

2nd & 3rd Grade English".
-On top of the boxes: some gigantic parrallel printer cable for one of the DMPs.

From second monitor:

-3 AT PSUs. One works. Two have been molested for case fans.
-56x max CD-ROM drive, killed my 98SE disc.
-40x max CD-ROM drive, won't read anything.
-8x CD-ROM SCSI, works great to this day.
-16x Teac, sometimes works in a pinch.
-16x Mitsumi that committed suicide.
-Couple of 3.5" drives. None of them work.


-A PS/2 keyboard that came with the Tandy 3100.
-Another serial keyboard, came with the P200.
-Serial keyboard, came with the 386. Not even a Win 95 key.
-HP Internet "Plus" USB keyboard w/ USB hub. Works, but very loud. Keys stick.

Pile of cords:

-Random crap I'm gonna throw away.

Computer in a milk crate:

-PIII 450 on an Asus P2B-F mobo. Liberated from my mom's old PC case. Replaced it with the Athlon 1600+. I overclocked it to 550mhz and 24 hours later the HDD blew up.

Not shown here:

-Compaq Presario Something-or-Other crap-o-matic. 64MB RAM, K6@350mhz. 20GB "Bigfoot" HDD. L2 cache is at about 64kb. Yuck. It's a complete system though, with monitor, speakers, keyboard, and mouse.

Probably be good for a UT server.


I want to see pics, if you think you can challenge me.
Woah, thats quite a pile of junk you have there.

My own pile consists of 4 old PCs (2 P1 and the other two or either 386s or 486s), 3 15in monintors, 5 or 6 keyboards, 4 mice, and a stack of some random ISA cards.
i duno, i never put all mu junk in one place, but i have about 6 old PCs in the basement, 3 green/black monitors, 4 dot-matrix printers, and a couple boxes filled with old mobos, network cards,etc... i'll take a picture some time later.
I think i would have divorced her.

My pile of junk consists of five PCs, the best of wich is a k6 400 i think. But this pile of junk is more interesting, one of them is the employee emailer, the other is the invoice printer, the k6 is for administrative work, another is for printing budgets, another just there. Of course in my office i have an XP2400 :D

My garage is full of pc junk. Some stuff is:

-seven 486 comps, gutted by me for diff mods and stuff
-4 old 15in monitors
-19 in monitor
-17in monitor
-randoom cheapo speakers
-creative 4.1 (dead i think, lol)
-17 AT keyboards
-19+ AT and ATX psus
-10HDs all like 4gb or less and most are dead
-15+ IDE 66 cables
-3 SCSI cards
-SCSI 2GB tape drive
-2 T1 modems and 1 is dead
-12 NICs some are BNC
-BNC cables
-like 30 power cables
-2 HP laser jet printers
-1 apple laser printer (weighs like 40lbs!)
-random calbes cut from PSUs and stuff
-old 3com rackmount hubs (10BASE-T)
-15+ Pentium/486 heatsinks
-5 Pentium systems, some gutted like 486s
-few mice (not real ones pc mice, lol)
-few ATX cases
-3 color epson printers
-2 HP printer/fax machins
-few norm fax machines
-Several CD Rom drives
-4x2x20 burner
-few PII and PIIIs
-Mobos- Socket 7, Socket A, Slot 1, slot A you name it i prolly got it except for dual boards..

And some more crapola I havent tossed since Im a pack rat with PC hardware. lol. Plus I got most of that for free from my old job when they upgraded like everything.

ThePerfectCircle- You and I could make a museum of old worthless pc junk! LMAO! ;)

Oh and I will try to get some pics when I can figure out what the heck happened to my digital camera since it wont power up as of yesterday... :\
when i go to the next lan party at my friend steve's house, i will take a pic of his pile... it's more like the great wall of crap :D he has computer parts just piled in his living room... his house is my computer dream :)

Try again.

I'd get rid of this stuff except that someone else might need replacement parts someday, and I could sell these to them for a few extra pennies. It isn't exactly a techno wonderland in rural North Texas.
I've got you beat, although my stuff if skewed throughout different rooms, but total adds up to way more,

I've got at least 3 CGA moitors kickin around here somewhere
Couple 486 comps, 5-10 keyboards, bout 8 5 1/4 floppy drives, 5 or so Pentium systems, couple Commodor 64's, couple old dot matrix printers, couple of VGA monitors, couple sets of speakers, bout 10 boxes with various mobo's in them, a semi busted photocopier, and various other junk to numerous to mention... all are reminants of doing upgrades for people.
I hope to get a collection like that someday. I would love to have a pile of 200mx's to play with, but i dont, so thats sad.

BTW: its A Perfect Circle, not the perfect circle. and they are really good. go MJK!
I used to have a pile of junk... but I utilized most of it...

My rig, 1800+ OCed pretty far, some awesome components... needless to say it isn't junk.

Logitech cordless mosue has no home though, it was replaced by my MX700 keyboard/mouse combo! :)

My sister has my old computer setup, for the most part. It is an 1800+ that for the life of it wouldn't overclock. Then again, it was a bad revision, the motherboard wasn't built for any sort of overclocking, and the memory sucks. The machine works fine though.

Compaq 120 Mhz running Windows 98 with 120 Mb memory is my mother's machine. She is fond of it and doesn't wish to upgrade. She has an optical mouse with it though, for a ball mouse wasn't exactly managable by her.

AMD K6-3 400 Mhz setup for my father's computer. It works for him, not much else to say there. Windows XP setup though.

Pentium 100 Mhz, 540 Mb HDD, running Smoothwall. It serves as my router-firewall thing.

AMD K6-3 400 Mhz setup (a clone of my father's comptuer, used to be my sisters) is running off of the last decent sized drive that isn't failing on me (I hope), a 15 Gb drive (the 10 that was also in there failed on the fourth boot). I ironically want to make this into a Linux Samba server for backup purposes for my family (I warned them to keep a copy on their machines too!) (this idea I started today, random thought... I can be strange like that sometimes).

A non-utilized computer, IBM XT... burried somewhere... worked when it was burried... and by burried, I mean lost somewhere in the house...

Drives... 2 Gb dead, 1 Gb dead, 640 Mb dead, 10 Gb dead, 340 Mb living, 428 Mb living (sort of), 200 Mb oversized drive (on strange outdated connector) untested.

I have two motherboards, 486 120 Mhz boards, still work. I remember having a motherboard with an overdrive CPU in it that didn't work (or, at least, it is supposed to work if you filled up 5 ram banks... at the time I didn't have that many ram chips). I have one motherboard (not mentioned, I don't think) filled with earliest revision memory (4 banks) and I have 2 banks of memory sitting around, next revision above that.

Got two sets of speakers (one is dead), a commodore 64 (kinda dead), 1 mini-tower (some moron welded the motherboard tray into the case and I never did get around to cutting the tray out) + 1 full case (was a 386 server case, those things are monsters), + 1 desktop case (worthless, everything in that case was made for 5.25" drives, and besides everything that was external in that case was made for the custom motherboard... blah).

I still have a tape drive backup system that allows me to backup my system to 100 Mb tapes and it only takes a little over 3 hours to do so (needless to say, I don't use this anymore).

1 dead monitor and 1 monitor that most of the time has no red component (makes for quazi neat pictures and I have to use it since it is the only greater than 640x480 capable monitor I have!).

I have some 5.25" floppy drives, not all are in functional contidion or one piece. I am out of 3.25" floppy drives :)'() and readily accessable CD drives :)'(). I do know that if I need a CD drive, I can pull my Creative Sound Blaster CD drive out of storage (they made such things, they are the first ones to actually go 1x.... weeeee).

Every keyboard I have has no WIN key, except for my Logitech and my sister's Compaq keyboard. My mother's compaq does not take a standard keyboard (it takes a propriatry keyboard (still working THANK GOD) that plays sound out of it as well as having built in volume control).

A lot of the stuff I have is burried to say, and I never took an inventory of it. That is just the stuff that I remember. I am going through college, so technically everything (that my family doesn't give me or that isn't specifically mine (like my rig)) is my familys. They don't want to get rid of ANYTHING, so thus it sits...

I most likely have an impressive collection of worthless stuff. I know, because if it was worthwhile, it would be working in some capability right now... Hard drives are my main shortage, followed closely by addon drives (CD and floppy), followed by video, followed by ram/motherboard/CPUs... so, it degenerates from there.

I do have some speciality stuff I just found recently, I can post pictures (maybe) if you want...

An ancient sound board, I think it is a Yamaha MPC5005. It is a full ISA board with another mini board on top of it (connected via a cable) that provides extra outputs. In other words, the sound jacks are on the actual board while the joystick and a MIDI port are on the addon card thingy.

Now, the grand daddy of strange stuff. The Magnavox CDD 200, a CD Rom drive that uses a caddy system. Every caddy drive I have seen has you insert the caddy with the CD, then use the CD, and then when you are done you eject the caddy and take it with you. This drive, however, has <b>no functional ejection system</b>.

The caddy holds the disk so you can insert it. Once inserted, you remove the caddy which is now missing a part of it and the CD. When you want the CD, you stick the caddy back in and it when it comes back out it has the missing parts. I found that interesting to say the least.

The drive is in origional packaging (unspectacular packaging) and has all manuals and parts (which is pretty nifty). I never used it though and I never remember it being used. It requires an addon card to operate (because the connector certainly is NOT one I have ever seen before)(I do have the addon card and cables by the way).

Some specifications from the manual (in case you are curious). Access time is 500 ms average, 1000 ms maximum typical. Transfer rate is 153.6 Kbyte/s - 176.4 Kbytes/s.

Eitherways, it still sits, maybe one day I'll use it just for the heck of it. I guess my little rant is done, for now...
I've got a comparable stash, gotta do inventory some day. :) I've found a good way to alleviate my junk piles was to just create one at work! HA! People would give me old hardware and I'd just toss it in the storage closet at work becuase I was too lazy to take it home. I've got some old monitors, 486's, and other stuff.

The good thing about it is that I am required to "clean house" periodically. That means the real junk goes to the dumpster or recycling, and stuff I really don't want thrown out but don't need in the office goes home.

Keep collecting! :)