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I hope i didnt mess up my WW...

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Nov 19, 2003
The Colony, TX
Ive been working on my setup for the past week or so, so i threw a peice of masking tape onto my Whitewater so it wouldnt get scratched.

Finaly done tinkering, i took it off to mount the block... now the horro begins...

The block surface was discolored, kind of a darker tint, but was still smooth.

I immediatly got soem rubbing alchohol and rubbed the daylights out of it, but there is still a dark tint.

I then rubbed some bleach into it, followed by another rub down of RA.

The surface is still VERY smooth and shiny, and i really dont want to try and lap it as i will probly just make it worse.

Any ideas?


Unoriginal Macho Moderator
Oct 12, 2001
Los Angeles
It's just oxidation, quite normal for copper. Some ketchup will shine it right back up, but the oxidation won't hurt performance at all.