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I jumped Boat! (Any info?)

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Sep 14, 2002
Metro Detroit MI
Hi guys,

Im looking for someone who knows a good amount about the NF7-S.

I just jumped from a EPOX (a 8rda+, and 2 8rga+) to this Abits, cuz both of my rga+'s crapped out for no reason. (Currently got a new fixed one and one is being sent back with lots of head aches)

So is there anything I should know about this board. I have a 1700+ that I had at 211x11.5 on my 8rda+ and then i broke it :-/.

Any info on this I board in general that would help me get started I would love!

The setup would be a 1700+, 512 of PC 3200 (Corsair) CL2, a Fortron 530, and a Xaser case. The cpu will be on a 800U with a Tornado.

Thanks guys,



Oct 23, 2003
Banned Camp
What do you want to know?

These boards are overclockers (of the MAD, I mean AMD, sorry bout the typo) wetdream.

That system will rock on a nf7-s.

Top Hat Theater

Jul 24, 2002
Lost in Thought
Hrm...what you should know....what immediately jumps to mind is the problem using 10 and 10.5 multipliers. With some boards and BIOS revisions, you just can't use them due to stability or POST issues. Also, you won't be able to use the Aggressive setting of the CPU interface if your FSB exceeds 200MHz (or so the trend shows). Personally, I really like my NF7-S however I sold it to my parents in favor of a DFI Infinity II NF2 board. This board is doing 250MHz+ without modification and the voltage options are out of this world (except for vcore)