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I just got a FOP 32-1, it says not to plug it into a header....

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Your motherboard can handle it. Just plug it in. BTW, my FOP32 came without any instructions. LOL!
Check your motherboard manual for wattage at the fan headers. For my A7V the manual says 4.2 watts. I suspect your board is the same, but I am not sure. Then check the fan to see what wattage it draws. If it is less than what your motherboard supplies, you're okay. If it is greater then you should use an adapter to get power directly from the power supply.
The YS Tech fan that ships with a FOP32 is rated @ 2.16 watts. Should be no problem. Also, remember the FOP32 is AMD approved. Last time I checked, the FOP38 was not. I suspect it’s because some motherboards can’t handle the current the Delta fan draws.
You mean you have to plug in your fan into fan header #1?

The Y.S Tech 60mm fan is not a type of fan that will cause damage to your fan header, let alone your motherboard. Now if you had the FOP 38... Thats a different story. Some motherboards wont even boot up without anything being plugged into Fan Header #1 that should be around 2,500-5,500 RPM.

In conclusion, go for it. You will be okay.
Basher (Feb 27, 2001 12:47 a.m.):
Should I buy an adapter to plug it into the power supply? Or is it safe to use the header?

## Hey I just bought two of those things from 3dfxcool, and I have them both plugged into my fan headers on my BP6 Dual, just plug em in there. They are working fine without a hitch. I would personally say disregard that instruction to avoid plugging them into the header ##

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