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I just got me a geforce3

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Apr 25, 2001
Essex, UK
A while back, I broke my psu. For some reason when i replaced it with another one it wouldnt bootup. I thought the motherboard was damaged. Because my computer was out of action I lent all my parts away. One of my friends like my gts2, so he bought it off me for £200. I was happy.

Anyway, I fixed my computer (flashing bios fixed it for some reason). Then I ordered myself a new graphics card; a Prophet III.

I new that these cards had weaker 4.0ns ram but in the UK, this card was by far the cheapest. I paid £371 inc vat & delivery. I put in in my pc. The card looks amazing, infact I wont shut my case now, I like the geforce too much.

Here are my thoughts on a card that could buy a good tv for...


> Unbelievable fps in high resolution (getting >65fps @ 1600x1200 in Q3)
> Digital Vibrance improves colour and crispness to a quality yet to be seen! I cannot believe the colour difference between DV and w/o DV.
> Ansitropic filtering looks insane, but it slows fps down to much and makes game jumpy.
> Anti-aliasing can be run in high res on 2x2, Q2x2 or even 4x4 without much loss of fps.
> 3DMark2001 runs fast!
> The pixel shaders and T&L capabilities are amazing. The Zoltar demo is enough to convince you that the card is already worth it.
> Seems to be faster at almost everything except for low resolution.
> Can run Tribes2 at 1600x1200 and still get ~60fps in nasty maps!!!
> Card looks cool.


> Card is over a months pay for me :(
> Card has problems running with fast writes and sba
> The drivers issued are seriously buggy. Even the newest 12.40 drivers dont do that much more.
> Hercules uses 4.0ns ram
> The geforce3 uses multisampling instead of supersampling for antialiasing. Basically, multisampling is damn fast and crisp but doesn't clear up all the jaggies on the screen, only most of them.
> I feel that the geforce3 is still boxed up. Im certain that once new official drivers are released, I will see a fps increase that is insane.

Oh finally, can anyone tell me how to enable fastwrites for the Prophet III?
Does anyone else have a geforce3 card? And if so, is there anything worth while me doing or downloading for the card?