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<-------i just LOVE that middle fingers guy!!!Cooling Mods.......

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Mar 1, 2001
Virginia Beach, VA
i have FINALLY finished my cooling MODS for my Pentium 3 800 MHZ OVRclked to 1.033 GHZ SWWEEEEETTTT!!, took me 1 whole week to complete... painting process and all, i figured hell, i've got a kick *** system on the inside, i might as well have a smooth and shell as well!!, hope that it will give somebody a little insite as to cooling their overclocked system. =)

Windows 2000 Advanced Server w/ Service pack 1
Pentium111 800 overclocked to 1.033GHZ
Asus CUSL-2 815chipset
PC 150 SDram Overclocked at 172.16 MHZ
Piece o **** Nvidia APG TNT2 M64 32 MB Ap.
I am SURE that i could get this Mammy Jammy to go faster once i get a more quality graphics card,
56x CD-ROM / 8x DVD-ROM
8/4/32 CD-RW
40 GiG. ULTRA ATA-100 Western Digital Split into 4 Partitions
Generic Compu-Zoo Heatsink w/ fan $12.00
Radio Shack Heat Sink Compound(Thermal Paste)
8 fans Circulating air flow


Senior Member
Feb 15, 2001
Harford, WI.
DAMN! I wish so bad I would have bought a socket 370 board and cpu when I bought my new hardware last year! instead for for some godforsaken reason I bought a slot 1 board and cpu!

And my cpu sucks as it wont go past 1008 stable. And this is with cpu temps running in the 40's (Fahrenheit). I am looking into selling my board and cpu and going to AMD! The 1.2gig is looking very nice. And with my H20 cooling I should get over 1.4gigs with it. OH, that would be so sweet!


Senior Member
Jan 12, 2001
Nice work. What temps ya getting? Ever think about rounding the cables? Do you get a lot of dust build up from those bottom fans?