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<-------i just LOVE that middle fingers guy!!!Cooling Mods.......

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Mar 1, 2001
Virginia Beach, VA
i have FINALLY finished my cooling MODS for my Pentium 3 800 MHZ OVRclked to 1.033 GHZ SWWEEEEETTTT!!, took me 1 whole week to complete... painting process and all, i figured hell, i've got a kick *** system on the inside, i might as well have a smooth and shell as well!!, hope that it will give somebody a little insite as to cooling their overclocked system. =)

Windows 2000 Advanced Server w/ Service pack 1
Pentium111 800 overclocked to 1.033GHZ
Asus CUSL-2 815chipset
PC 150 SDram Overclocked at 172.16 MHZ
Piece o **** Nvidia APG TNT2 M64 32 MB Ap.
I am SURE that i could get this Mammy Jammy to go faster once i get a more quality graphics card,
56x CD-ROM / 8x DVD-ROM
8/4/32 CD-RW
40 GiG. ULTRA ATA-100 Western Digital Split into 4 Partitions
Generic Compu-Zoo Heatsink w/ fan $12.00
Radio Shack Heat Sink Compound(Thermal Paste)
8 fans Circulating air flow
DAMN! I wish so bad I would have bought a socket 370 board and cpu when I bought my new hardware last year! instead for for some godforsaken reason I bought a slot 1 board and cpu!

And my cpu sucks as it wont go past 1008 stable. And this is with cpu temps running in the 40's (Fahrenheit). I am looking into selling my board and cpu and going to AMD! The 1.2gig is looking very nice. And with my H20 cooling I should get over 1.4gigs with it. OH, that would be so sweet!
Nice work. What temps ya getting? Ever think about rounding the cables? Do you get a lot of dust build up from those bottom fans?