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I killed a folder! :(

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Sep 16, 2002
Montreal, Canada
I changed my 1.2GHz T-Bird's multi by screwing around with the bridges. One that was done, I put it back in and put the HS on. I heard a crushing noise, and now the PC won't boot. :( I took the CPU back out, and a little part of the core is crushed. This ****ing sucks!! :(

Anybody have a CPU to donate? :(
If you take an oath to fold 24/7 for as long as humanly possible and that you will do your best to recruit for your team.... PM me your addy and you can pay me via paypal:

$4 to [email protected]

*takes oath*

It'll be foldin 24/7, like my crushed 1.2 was. :D Thanks a ton man, I owe you big time!

I'll have to sign up for a paypal account. Give me a couple minutes to figure out how it works.

Wedo said:
I have a 1400Tbird if you'll pay for shipping.

This is what makes us the great team that we are. I have a friend who is building a system around a K7S5A & 1800+ chip that I'm donating as long as he folds 24/7. I have a Duron 1.2 I'm trying the same thing with. This could be a good way to recruit. Way to go Wedo. Fever; that HSF sounds like trouble. Keep your pressure distribution level and don't drink and install puter parts J/K.:) :beer: :burn:
Fever said:

Hey, I'm the one with a dead CPU here. :p
Don't worry, I would never steal an "in need" folders CPU:D Wedo does rock and is certainly and unselfishly helping the cause! Fold On!!!:D
You can say that again, hawk. ;) :D

You're right JetMech, it IS trouble. I'm stuck with it though, because my only alternative is a crappy Coolermaster HS. And you're also right about this being a great team. I used to fold for 64 before I founf this place, and it was NOTHING compared to this team. Fold on, guys! :beer:

Thanks again, Wedo!
Well ... I was wandering around looking for a thread to give kudos to Nikhsub for breaking 10K ... and I stumbled in here.

Wedo, you are the man! :clap:

Have a :beer: on me.