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I killed my 1ghz t-bird need advice

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Dec 21, 2000
Salinas, Ca
As the subject says, yes i really did kill my 1ghz t-bird, when i was installing my alpha pep66t fan on it, the one edge kinda got scraped off. well my ? is i am not using that heatsink anymore so what heatsink would you recommend. i am scared of any heatsink made by alpha, so what heatsink would you guys recommend. one that hopefully has a really good track record for not killing cpu's. here's the other part, my case, a fong kai 6035 has a fan placement sucking hot air off the heatsink, howld i be able to flip any fan around so it is sucking as well and expect the same or ~ equal performance??

Hey Piff,
Use and Alpha PAL6035 they run best with the fan sucking and they are super easy to install. Next time you do it make sure you have artic silver on the core and set the heatsink on top of the chip in all but the exact location the with one hand hold steady even pressure down on the heatsink and with the other hand install the clip. Don't know if ya did it in the case or not but your best bet would be to put it on outside of the case.
Ouch, I feel for ya dude, that's gotta suck. Was it an out of the box cpu, or an OEM? Oh yeah, anyone know about OEM return policy? Doesn't AMD issue a 1 year policy over what the place you bought an OEM cpu from?
I dont think they do offer any warrenty on any Oem products after 15 or 30 days whatever it is. But i'm sure they would still replace the chip regardless. Although it would most likely take a few weeks or more.
All I can say then, if my cpu is truly bad...i'm screwed blued and tattoo'd ;D Cause it's gonna hit 30 days in 4 more days...DOH...and I don't have ANY way of testing my cpu either....oh well. If it is, it is...Jesus I hope not... ;D Nor is my new mobo here either, and I seriously doubt I'll see it until early next week. Oh well.
For the push and clip type mounts, it's hard to put into words the technique needed to safely mount and unmount the HSF. I know because I got an FOP-32E HSF originally with my Duron. The E stands for Extra pressure, but it could just as well have meant Extra Dangerous. As I experimented with this and that, the first few times I put it on or took it off, I managed to chip little pieces of core off every time. I'm no neanderthal, but it is definitely a learned skill. Now, my Duron is knarled on 3 edges and 2 of the corners are rounded. I am certain that only intervention on my behalf by the guardian angel of overclockers, that my CPU still works at all. My heart goes out to you.

Sorry to hear of your troubles. Look at the bright side, you can buy a faster chip. That’s what I did when a PEP66 killed my 800 Bird. In my case the PEP66 clip failed and the CPU overheated. It turned out to be a blessing. The 800 Bird would only do 990 mHz. The 1 gig Bird I replaced it with does 1291 mHz and it cost $1 less than the 800 Bird. Get a quiet FOP-32, remove the thermal pad, lap it, apply Artic Silver and enjoy.
Thanks for all of your advice guys, I will definetly install my next chip outside the case!!