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I killed my Delta ? Someone help ?

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Jun 20, 2001
I placed my Sunon 120mm fan very near to my WBK38 with delta fan. At first it was running at 7000+ rpm but now its only at 5400+. What happened ?. Did i damaged it and am I suppose to put that Sunon case fan in front of it like that ?. Shall a case fan be sucking air or blowing ?. Thanks a lot to all of you !
It rpolly isnt result of it being near, but my guess would be that you are running low on power, and right when you put the huge Sunon in there, it used up more power, therefore making the Delta lose some power. Would you mind listing ALL the components in your PC and the size of you power supply?
IMHO you've done in your motherboard's fan header.

This happened to me with my Abit 815e mobo and delta 60mm.

I have to use the 2nd cpu fan header now to get the full speed.

delta's shouldn't be run from the mobo from what I hear. The only problem with doing this is that you then can't use fan speed adjusting software.
I take it that you have both fans going in the same direction.. ie both blowing or both sucking ? as they may fight each other if situated closely to one another and doing the opposite to each other
I've got a 250W power supply which I think might not be good enough. I was thinking of getting another 250W power supply so is it practical ?. I have my Sunon 120mm fan and delta fan blowing at the same direction.

Ive changed the power supply from the mobo to the ones directly from the PSU and now its running at 7200 - 7700 rpm. Does that sound ok ?. I've still got a couple of case fans but I dont know where to put is as basically, Im running my com with my case open.

Thanks a lot you guys ! .. really helped me a lot !.