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I know I said i decided but......GeForce 4 maybe? info Please

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Jul 8, 2001
yeah I know I said I was going to buy a Radeon 8500 but they work out at $320 in the UK so I have asked my Aunt in the US to try and get me a Ti 4400.

Does the extra $120 for the Ti4600 justify itself in the performance difference?

I am thinking of the Visiontek Ti4400 for $279. this is still cheaper than the retail Radeon 8500 in the UK. Is this a better card than the Radeon? and finally..

Does it support Twin monitors?

The new GF4 TI's whoop the radeon 8500 in benchmarks. 50-70% faster is what I've heard. Go with the GF4 TI 4400.
Why dont you just have your aunt get you a radeon 8500 in the US. They are $139. Such a better value than the geforce4s
Garfield said:
How long as the GeForce 4 been out? Sounds good. How many frames per second, anybody know?

Heres a Benchmark with the same speed CPU as you at a Res of 1024x768x32. The guy is running a 140 FSB tho.
Thanks for the screenshot. That's pretty good. Expensive, though. That's a lot of money for a video card:). I might upgrade with some time and more money. :D
personally, Im gonna wait for the TI 4200. A little OC and you can probably get at least a 440 out of it for a lot less $$$.
absolutely get a gf4, they are a totally new board.

I have looked at gainwards site and i think the Power pak models do support duel monitors along with some other cool features.

do some searching and reasearch the gf4's and thier features, im sure will find 1 that u like. 8500 vs. GF4 = apples vs. oranges
>> absolutely get a gf4 <<

Not for me for awhile. I just built my computer and I'm going fine. Besides, I don't have any money :p. I should be getting a programming assignment soon, so I should get some decent $$$ out of that. But, then next thing I want to do is some modding. I have a lot on my computer upgrading list:D. It's a darn long list, too;)!
Leadtek,Leadtek,Leadtek. WinfastA250 UltraTD. Worth the wait, at least for me. Leadtek has a consistantly excellent product, with plenty of cooling and on-board support for overclocking. Can't wait to get mine. While my ATI has been good to me, she's gettin' old, and I personally don't believe in small upgrades if I can afford better, nor do I believe in trading one old component for another. Just the way the Radman is.:D
Just to answer one of your questions, all GF4's, whether they be MX or TI, have dual monitor support. Incase you're interested the Gainward's also have Video in.
Just out of curiousity, do any of you guys have multiple monitors? What would the benefit of this be? Just to see it multiple times? Hmmm...sounds interesting...
There's been some talk about this. Most people don't need dual monitor support, most people won't use dual monitor support. But, say you have a huge spreadsheat, you could see it all by spreading it over 2 monitors. You could also you 2 different apps opened on each monitor.
thnx for the clarification hitman.....i read the site a while ago and i nvr chked out any other makers of the gf4's.
Gee thaks for all the replies guys. I would get my aunt to get the 8500 for me but I was prepared to buy one over here and the Ti4400 is still cheaper in the US than the 8500 is over here so I don't mind spending the extra cash for more performance.

I do 3D graphics and Photoshop so the twin monitor support is pretty important for me, just in reply to some one's question. In a a package like Softimage XSI you can set up the display so that you have your tools on one monitor and the other for your workspace. i also play a few game, mainly AVP2 and Medal of Honour multiplayer at themoment so I want somthing that is going to get the best for my work and play.

Yeah I do agree that Leadtek makes great cards, I have one at the moment. But I spent ages waiting for the Gigabyte Radeon which still hasn't arrived and I have a major project on the go at the moment and want the card soon. I can't really afford to do any more waiting.

I was thinking Visiontek Xtacy.Good? I've never had any experience with Visiontek before
The GF4's will beat the Radeon8500 hands down. Especially if you're going to be in 3dgraphics design and such. Visiontek is an excellent company that makes great cards! I am more than pleased with my Xtasy GF2Ti.