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I like my Artic Silver!

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Apr 25, 2001
Essex, UK
I've had a tube of ASone for ages now. I only ever used it on my athlon650@750 and I wasn't impressed. I've found out since it was because I didnt apply enough and evenly enough.

Recently I've used it twice, once on a gts2 and once on my current K6-2 system. Because I broke my 1.1Ghz power system, I've been put back a step so Im using my K6-2 450@472 system. Before when I just had the default thermal compound on the cpu I could never get anything above 472Mhz and it wasnt too stable either. Now Ive put the ASone on, i can run at a nice 495Mhz rock stable, and 523Mhz if I up the voltage (too high for me though, I want to be safe).

Although you will probably say well an extra 50Mhz doesnt make much of a difference, you must remember K6-2 are impossible to oc. And Im using a fairly standard coolermaster fan.

Oh yeah, question. I have a nearly full tube of ASone, what is AStwo like? I really want some good thermal paste for my next system, I want to get a gaming fast pc at a midrange budget (I have a delta thermoengine to help).
Yeah, neglible conductivity or something like that is what i've just read. Thats quite good because AS seems to get everywhere when applying it. I hate it when it gets on clothing, it NEVER gets off!

Anyone got any figures on the actual silver content difference between ASone and AStwo. Does anyone know of a gold thermal paste. If silver paste is quite cheap for so many applications, I would happily pay double for something double the transfer rate.