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I lost my paypal dispute today as a seller for an 4870 1GB I shipped : (

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Feb 8, 2008
Odessa, Texas
ugh, I gotta vent somewhere so here it goes (hope this is ok section for this, paypal is a vendor and that who i am really mad at)....

like the title says, I got the offical lost notice today from paypal for an ongoing dispute over a 4870 1GB GPU.

I sold it to a guy in Canada via ebay, he used paypal to pay for the card.

I mailed the card to him within 2 days of payment (little longer than normal for me, I communicated with him the entire time though). After mailing the card I sent an email saying it was on it's way and provided photos of my postal receipt.

14 days from the day it was sent the buyer opened the dispute and paypal of course yanked the money right out of my account. buyer never contacted me directly.

I followed all the proper steps in the resolution center but the kicker is that I did not get any actual tracking info for the package. I do not ship internationally very often at all (this was the first time actually for something of this value) so I was not sure what way to send it so I brought it to the post office and asked to ship it with delveriy confirmation (just like I do for all my dosmestic packages) and the postal employee did not really say anything, processed the transaction and gave me my receipt. I did not think to really look at it before I left and that is where I screwed myself. It was sent international first class, which it turns out is in no way trackable.

All the receipt had on it was the customs form number which after a few calls to the post office inquiry center I found out does not mean anything.

Buyer still says the package never arrived (shipped 1/24/09) and since I have no proof it was delivered paypal found in favor of him.

so either it is really lost out there somewhere or the buyer saw the opportunity to scam me and took it...either way now I am out $210.

I hate how my spotless record means nothing to paypal. Shouldn't the fact that I have tons of other completley positive transactions in my account mean something? many with much higher dollar value than this one?

at least I learned a lesson, stick to the classifieds! Oh and I guess I learned to be better educated on internatinal shipping but more so just stick to the classifieds.

btw, in the the time it has taken to resolve this issue I have successfully shipped 2 packages to Canada, both to memebers here through classifieds listings....


Although I gets lots of pm's when I sell something in the classifieds about shipping international, there is a reason I do lower 48 only. And normally when I sell something and it hits paypal, that money is gone from paypal's little grubby hands within an hour or so.

If shipping USPS always insure the product, it normally only costs around 3-4 bucks to insure 200-300. Knock on wood as I've never had to use the insurance, but it's there.