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I love my Glaciator 8)

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Jun 23, 2001
Wow finally received mine this week and installed it today to replace my volcanoII. My load temp
drops almost 7C running prime95. Right now it's 40C cpu 24C case temp at 1400/266, 1.75V. I'm a happy camper. I think it's even quieter than the volcanoII for some reason (the volcano has the whining pitch). I used to have problems running at 1466 on a warm day with my 1333 AXIA, I'm gonna try to hit 1500 today hehe.
It's an evercool fan, it actually looks kind of small compare to the fan in other premium HSF.
The spec says 5700 rpm, mbm reports 5973 rpm.
thats good to hear, mine should be coming next week and im gonna get started. wonder how far i can get my 1.2? i have to check the stepping code to, because i wasnt really looking into overclocking until after i put this system together, so i dont know what it is yet.
hey, how long did it take to arrive after you ordered it??? i just ordered one last night, and i really really want it soon :)
Hmm my paypal account paid on Jun 1 and it was shipped on the 12th. I pre-ordered mine long
time ago though.
What did the bottom of it look like.Was it polished up good as you got it?I got a e-mail that mine was shipped on the 20th.
I just got mine on yesterday. I previously had a FOP-32 w/ 80mm Sunon cooling my 1 gig Tbird (overclocked to 1.2) @ 29-30c. Pulled it, applied the Arctic Silver 2, *carefully* mounted this heavy beast on the chip, fired it up and watched the temps drop. I was really impressed. Naturally, I ran it up to 1.3 with nada problem, and the temp is 3c cooler than before! What a winner! It has a very user friendly clip too, unlike the FOP's that was a major pain to get hooked. The bottom is very smooth, and comes with a protective tape-like covering, which of course, must be removed beforehand. It's not a shiny or glassy finish, but i was satisfied as it was. An excellent HSF in my opinion, well worth the money!
I paid for mine on Jun 1 w/ PayPal , and still hav'nt got it yet. (as of 6/24) Lot's of seemingly lame excuses from Millenium Themalsolutions. Starting to wonder about their management.