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I lowered my motherboard temp by 8^c by putting the case cover on!!!

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Apr 9, 2001
I have overclocked my A900 to 1110, and am running at 1.94V at the moment.
My CPU temp has been around the 42^C and the motherboard temp has been around 30^C, which i was very happy with.
However this was with the case cover off. As soon as i put the case on i got CPU temp in the range of 48+ and the CPU was no longer stable and i got some crashes.
So here is what i did, after reading some articles here i was inspired to do some case mods, i bought a 90mm and 80mm fan, and installed them in my case straight away but had limited success.
So out came the jig saw, i put on my butchers apron and went to work, the results where not pretty but i basically removed all the obstructions to air flow, to either fan.
I have the 90mm at the bottom front blowing in and the 80mm at the top back blowing out, I also cleaned up inside a bit to allow better air flow through.
Damm it worked better than i had hoped, CPU temp was 41^C and the board was at 22^C, the only problem is still the FOP-38 sounds like a jet taking off, so here my next idea:
Use a much larger fan that has lower RPM but still with the same cfm, fasten it to the side wall and use a funnel to direct it to the heat sink?
What do you all think?
Has anyone tried this?
Thanks for the "tip" DA-Whip,

How does it work, as in how well does it work, and is the unit heavy or....

I have the GW FOP-38 heat sink so not sure how well it will be able to fit on, do you think they will be able to ship to Australia??

May be worth a go, would love to quite down my noise but still get the same cooling.
I think you made the better choice. Axial fans, typically need, for lack of a better term, "A running start", before you constrict them down. Otherwise, you'll see a considerable amount of air slipping back out the rear end. That's just my experience with them.

did a similar case mod to you on both my cases... cut blowholes in the side and top: 120mm fan sucking in, and two 80mm fans blowing out at the top.. what a difference to cpu and mobo temps! well worth the effort!