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I may have damaged my 6800k. Can some help?

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Jul 18, 2016
Put simply I made a boneheaded move and clamped it down possibly misaligned. I say possibly cuz some of the pins on my board look flattened though I did it right and the builds still in testing with no display yet but I get no post beep. Put simply did I just wreck my board or the board and cpu?
Most likely only the board, but you wont know till you get a replacement.
Did you place the cpu upside down?
I'll be straight with you. Idk what's going on but I'm having one hell of a time this run. Is there a truck to the lga that I don't understand???
Didn't place it upside down. I longed up the triangles but when i lifted the cpu to verify it was good about a third the pins looked flattened.
Well I finangled the ram(it's a weird how the GB ultra gaming lines it up). And it posts at least. I'll figure out how it is and hopefully the temps are good( I figured why waste Tim on a possibly bad board and just used excess that was there. It wasn't heated up). Hope I can get back to gaming soon
Lol, so, after you put the cpu in wrong, you are going to try to run it without thermal paste?!!!!! NO!!!!!! You will need to use the TIM or it will will overheat and shutdown quickly!
Not without. Just used what was already there in excess from the last try on the cooler temps look good. Bout a 28 idle in the current heat from the north east. But there is a good coverage over the whole heat spreader just not as thick as I normally use
If you aren't familiar with how they normally look, half the pins may look bent to you. Half the pins have a 'bent look' to them normally (google images of the 2011-3 socket).
And you don't want a lot of tim, a small amount goes a long way.
It seems a little shakey but if the pins were bent the board wouldn't even post right? I'm not familiar with Intel boards as in I was never paranoid about it. As far as the Tim i usually overdo it. I have about a thousand things before sudden shutdowns to care anout
If you bent a couple pins, it could boot and seem fine depending what pins they were. If you literally bent 1/3 of the pins then I'd highly doubt it would post.
Oh thank goodness. Wish he'd have seen that and said something 2 monos ago. But then that's what I get for having no backup pc lol