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I miss anything?

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Bobby Manus

Dec 17, 2000
Southern California
Have any new good hs/f's came out since athlon OC did there heat sink round up? If not then they really did a great job and make it so simple, and I will jsut pick up a gladiator =)
they don't have the SK-6 or the Glaciator which both outperform the OCZ Gladiator. They don't have the silver mountain reviewed yet either.
Wow I know a lot of people are using the Glaciator so I will go check out some reviews. If you know of any good ones let me know. Also where is a good place to get a good price on that heatsink? Does it use a delta? Im ok with noise, so even if it doesnt I would probably throw one on anyways. (my comp is in a drawer, really muffles sound =).
This is one of the first times i've ever been able to find a *GOOD* heatsink from pricewatch ever. Used to be only the dinky ones that come in those retail boxes. Hopefully this will start some competition cuase I know there making way to much money on them heatsinks! Well heres the link... www.puicorp.com

Thermalright SK-6 Heatsink 34$
Delta black label fan 10$
Artic Silver II -- 7$

Total shiping to me in California -$9.23

www.resellerratings.com raiting of 6.1/7 ... Good enough for me... This is probably where i'm going to order unless you guys are hiding something cheaper =)